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CD Review: Neil w Young and the Hot Rod Allstars - Those Were the Days

Neil w Young and the Hot Rod Allstars
Those Were the Days
Little Darlin' - 2:01 Hello Mary Lou 2:23 Just Ask Your Heart 2:29Since I Met You Baby 2:54 The Night Hank Williams Came to Town 2:59 Cry!Cry!Cry! 3:15 Blue Suede Shoes 2:13 You're the Reason 2:34 Poor Little Fool 2:33 Hey Boba Lou 2:43 Believe What You Say 2:11 Maybe Baby 2:03 It Doesn't Matter Anymore 2:55 Southern Love 2:55 Tribute to the Legends 1:30 Hot Rod Star 3:01

This one is a bit difficult to write a review about. I wouldn't really classify it as Country, I would rather say it is maybe Doo Wop. It's an early 1950's sound, I guess the very beginning of Rock and Roll.  On this album there are 14 songs that are licensed covers and one original. I couldn't really gain that much information about the singer other than he is an independent artist who has one a few awards. He has three other albums and two books that he has written. I believe the other albums are songs that he has penned himself. On his site, he states that the songs are from the early 50's and 60's and a few are rockabilly.
Let me go through the one original on the album, Hot Rod Star. It's well done, it reminds me of Chubby Checkers and "The Twist." I can appreciate the saxophone. I guess you may have to be between the ages of 70 and dead, to thoroughly enjoy this.
For that era and genre, I guess the covers are very well done. I don't know and don't really care for covers, so I am probably not the best one to even listen with an honest ear, let alone review an album like this. I believe those songs should just be left where he found them. I almost feel like saying, "The 1950's are calling they want those tunes back. 

Written by Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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