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Billy Burnette In Vanderbilt Hospital After Fall

Billy Burnette In Vanderbilt Hospital After Fall

Singer/songwriter Billy Burnette fell at his home earlier today, hitting his head on the bathroom sink and blacking out for a few minutes.

Burnette explains that he lost some blood while he was having a procedure on Monday but didn’t think there would be any complications. “I was in the bathroom and got real light-headed and then I passed out. That’s all I remember. “

When Burnette came to he began calling his sons and after reaching Beau and telling him what happened, Beau rushed to his father’s house and immediately called 911, and an ambulance took his dad to Vanderbilt. Billy Jr. arrived at the hospital as soon as Beau reached him. Both boys remained with their father as doctors examined him. Burnette had to have 32 stitches in his head and continues to undergo tests. He also has several cracked ribs.

“I thought they would just check me out and let me go home, but they say I hit my head pretty hard, so they want to keep me overnight to make sure I am going to be okay,” Burnette said. The singer remains in intensive care throughout tonight.

This will be just one more story to tell when Burnette updates his book, “Crazy Like Me,” which was recently released. A companion CD by the same name, which is a musical history of Burnette’s life, has been released along with the book.

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