The Promise
I've Got Jesus On My Mind - Heaven Help Me - Me and Jesus - Family Bible - Let's Make A Baby King- Precious Memories - I Found Jesus on the Jailhouse Floor - Jesus It's Me Again - Gospel Medley (Uncloudy Day, I'll Fly Away, I Saw The Light) - The Promise

Patsy Hockaday is an old friend.  Several years ago she won one of the Rural Roots Music Commission's "CD of the Year" awards.  She is an incredibly gifted vocalist, but she never 'stands alone' in her quest to provide good and 'real' country music for her fans.  She's also a very beautiful woman whose manner and stage presence is exceptional.  She's also a team-player, a sharer, and definitely a non-egotistical vocalist and performer.  She is very proud of her band The Country Classics: Donald Hockaday on bass; Michael Hockaday on drums; Stephanie Randall on keyboard and organ with Billy Rupprecht adding additional keyboard signature on "The Promise."  Bobby Edenton on steel guitar; and Jeff Wadford on lead an acoustic guitar.  What a beautiful musical gathering.  They really play well together, and it's obvious they don't need anybody to tell them what it's all about.  "The Promise" is an incredibly well-done Southern Gospel style of album with some authentic country to keep it solid and 'real.'  The 'messages' this band, and their incredibly gifted lead vocalist Patsy Hockaday, share with their listeners should put anyone who listens exactly where they need to be....under the care and love of Jesus Christ.  Like me, all of these participants have 'read the book' and they know how it ends.  Was great to hear this very nice version of "The Family Bible" by our old friend Claude Gray.  I love this album, it's about as uplifting as it can get, especially Patsy's "Let's Make A Baby King," what an astonishing very obvious observation of the 'gift' we all received in the birth of Jesus Christ.  Thank you Patsy for this song written by Jesse Winchester.  It's what this album is all about.  Leans a little to 50's-60's style rock, but the 'country' is still there, and the 'gospel' prevails.  Patsy also does the lead vocals on "The Promise" a truly distinguishing presentation of relevant thought.  So much congratulations to Patsy Hockaday for keeping her 'being' where it is, and as it should be.   God and His son Jesus love you dearly.  Off this one goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission who will no doubt be looking forward to this incredible piece of music.
RECORD REVIEW BY Bob Everhart, Pres., National Traditional Country Music Assn. for Country Music News International

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