CD Review: ED SEALY - Winter Coat

Winter Coat
Winter Coat - Work To Be Done - Cut and Dried - The Wages of Sin - Glory Train - The Swill of the Swine - When Your Ship Does Not Come In - Heaven Is Sweeter Than My Wildest Dream - Christian Coffee - The Glory In You - The Last Thing On My Mind
An incredible fiddler opens this super-great CD with some really good 'authentic' country fiddling, a trait of the music we no longer hear coming from Nashville.  Ed Sealy is a gifted songwriter from New Brunswick, Canada, as well as a gifted vocalist that has that kind of Johnny Cash charisma about him.  He doesn't sound 'exactly' like Johnny Cash, but the charisma is definitely very noticeable.  All of these songs are his originals, and he certainly knows what he is talking about,  Each and every one of them are definitely the very 'topic' that Christians all over planet earth should be listening to.  He's not only an observer, he is 'guided' in his words and how he presents them.  He was born in New Brunswick, the oldest of eight children.  After he graduated from high school, at a very young age he opened a chain of fast-food restaurants.  It was during this time frame that he began a spiritual search to quench his thirst deep within his soul.  His quest ended when he was converted to Christ in 1978. 'Winter Coat' much to his own surprise is his 8th CD.  These inspirational songs truly reflect the thinking of many Christians today.  The entire production was produced and recorded by Johnny Blerot.  As usual, when I find backing artists that still play traditional or classic country style, I make note of their absolute beauty in their productions.  The fiddler, who also plays banjo and mandolin is Matte Hotte.  Tony Michael also plays mandolin and fiddle, so you can see this is dwelling in a fine 'traditional' style.  BUT steel guitar is Jeff Bradshaw, with an equally traditional sound by Dobo player John 'Woody' Woroschuk.  Ed even uses accordion, piano, organ, and French Horn on some of the individual song productions.  As I listen to the advice, the historically accurate presentations, and a song like "The Swill of the Swine" it's exactly as I see our planet earth today.  "Money can't buy a soul satisfied, in a world running fast out of time, for those so hell bent on the dollars and cents, drunk on the swill of the swine."  Ed Sealy must surely be a modern prophet, for he sees into the future as well as the past.  He has a ministry called 'Futherance Ministries' that is his total focus these days.  Sealy has already enjoyed tremendous success in the world music world, with some 40 different countries playing his musical works.  This project was recorded at Wolf Willow Sound in Edmonton.  Ed Sealy has already garnered some prestigious awards for his creative writing and recordings.  This particular CD will go instantly to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their appraisal.  It is my dearest hope that they recognize the wonderful passion has in not only his writing, but also in his dedication to the Christian ministry.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President National Traditional Country Music Assn. -
for Country Music News International

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