Country Music News International celebrates being #1 on Google

Country Music News International celebrates being #1 on Google

Country Music News International with its daily Newsletter is the #1 search result when you search in Germany for Country Music News.

Country Music News International was started 2011 with the goal of bringing country music news to the entire world.  The magazine quickly found readers from all over the world.  Because of the fact that country music comes from America, it’s not surprising that most of the readers are from America, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom.

Country Music News International is now well known worldwide for its daily newsletter.  The website contains Country Music News, Interviews, CD Reviews and Music News in General.  Big names as well as small ones get equal coverage because we believe our readers want to know who could be the next big star before they become the next big star.

Country Music News International is celebrating our #1 position on Google Germany by offering $2,000 discounts on our full year promotion package which includes the following:

·         Banner with link back to your website of choice.
·         Links at out associated sites.
·         Listed as a sponsor in our daily newsletter.
·         Your radio promo or music played on the radio show.
·         Listed as a sponsor on our Facebook page.
·         We embed your music videos / commercial spot on the magazine website.
·         We publish all press releases, articles, CD reviews and any promos you send us.

This is a limited time offer so email us today at … or to get your spot at Country Music News International!

Country Music News International wants to thank all of our readers and customers for making us the #1 choice for country music news in Germany as we continue working to earn that spot permanently.

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