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Interview with The Chesapeake Sons by Heidi Duss for Country Music News International

Interview with The Chesapeake Sons

When was the band “The Chesapeake Sons” founded?

Jason:  Chesapeake Sons was founded two years ago, in July 2015.

How did you choose the name for the band?

Jason: Two of us, Mason and I are originally from the Chesapeake Bay Area of Maryland,
when we originally relocated to Nashville, we still wanted to have a name that reflected where we are proud to come from and that’s exactly what we did. A lot of times when a band relocates from another spot to Nashville, they call Nashville their home and they completely forget where they came from, they forget their fan base.

How would you describe your music?

Mason: I would describe our music like a good vibe, a good feeling. You have to be there to
             experience it, we have all the southern Rock influences, but we are different. We
             bring a lot of different Influences into our music, it’s hard to explain, but we are a
             Rock ‘n Roll Band, you just have to come and check us out.
Jason:  It is like Mason said, it is a throwback 60’s, 70’s style Rock ‘n Roll. If I had to
sum up our music in one word, I would say it is honest, there is a lot of substance there.

Do you have any CD’s available now?

Jason:  Not at the moment, we are expecting a late summer release. There has been some
Stuff sent out to the Radio stations and that will be tested out throughout the summer. That is about the only thing unfortunately, that we can provide at the moment.

Do you have several titles available?

Jason:  This will be our Debut record of Chesapeake Sons.

Do you write the songs yourself?

Jason:   Yes, there is not one song on the record that was written by any outside sources.
              We do have a lot of co-writers, we like to do that, because as an artist, you tend
             to get stuck in a rut when you write by yourself all the time. There are certain times,
when Mason and I started to write stuff together when Rick was in the studio. Or
the three of us would write together. Eric has joined us just recently, so he has not
been in the record process yet.

How do you choose your songs?

Mason: It is an emotional thing, a gut feeling.
Jason:    There are so many different types of songs, some songs are really good because
              they have great lyrical content. We write some songs where there may be only
              three lines in the whole song that are different. But like Mason said, it goes back to
  that feeling. Sometimes we test stuff out and after we record it we say, wow we
  really, really love this song, but lyrically, what does it mean. Sometimes you think
  I don’t really know what it means, but I really like it, and it makes you feel a certain
  way. We test it out on a show and we don’t know how people are going to react.
  Sometimes the reaction is that it just makes them move, and they are singing lyrics
  they don’t know what they mean or why they’re singing them, but the song is
  making you do that. There is no right or wrong way that makes us choose a certain
  song, it just goes back to how it makes you feel.

What can your fans expect when they come to your concerts?

Mason:  A good time, good vibes. To have fun, you don’t even have to watch us the whole
  time, you come with your Friends to go crazy, get loose, have a good time. It’s about
  music, but it is also about People having a good time and we want to provide that.
  So, when you come to our show, expect to watch us get crazy on stage and just
  having a ball and make everybody feel like they’re part of it.
Eric:       This band is for all the people that grew up with Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and all
those bands they never had the chance to go see. If these bands play now, there 
is maybe only one original member left in the band.
Jason:  Eric is right, as for the vibes we put out, we could never say we are the next
             Lynyrd Skynyrd or the next Led Zeppelin, we don’t want to be quoted in that in way.
              But these influences naturally come out in us. It is not a forced thing with the music
  that we create, but every song that goes on our record, every song that you see us
  play live, is something that we truly, naturally enjoy playing. We don’t try to write
  timeless music. We just had a conversation earlier, The Allman Brothers, Led
  Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd and bands like these, when they wrote their music at that
  time, they had no idea, that people were going to listen to it fifty years later, but
  people are. Because the music is believable and is naturally what poured out of
  them. That’s our goal with the music that we create. That’s why we are kind of
  influenced by these kinds of artists. One of the biggest compliments is for
  somebody to walk up to us, and people have done so, and say, man I have seen Led
  Zeppelin or whatever in seventy-five or so and I haven’t seen a band that made me
  feel like that since then. Not saying we are them or anything like that, but that
  makes us really feel good.

As Artists, you have so many tasks such as Recording, Touring, Interviews, what do you
Like best?

Mason:  Touring and playing music for sure, at least for me. I love recording, I love being in
   the studio and playing, these people are really professionals there. But my favorite
   is going on the road and playing shows for people, because that’s what it’s all
   about. I think I can speak for all of us, being on the road, playing shows for people,
   putting out those vibes, that’s the best.
Rick:       The actual playing music part is really only a small Benefit, especially when you are
               out on the road. So definitely playing shows is the real Reward.

What are your plans for the future?

Jason:   The biggest thing first and foremost is to continue and bring the live shows to the
  Fans. But what most importantly, will help us to skyrocket our career, is getting this
  record out. We believe in it strong enough, that it really is going to be a life
  achieving thing for us. But we also know, that it will be a long, slow organic
  build. It’s number one to get this record out, getting the music to the people and
  performing these songs on stage. One of the biggest compliments to a band is,
  when people walk away saying man I love this record, it sounds incredible, but it
  was even better live.

What message would you like to give the people?

Eric:      When I was going to high school, there was a lot of Bars and Clubs in my
  Hometown, but it was hard for me and my band to get gigs because they were all
  taken over by DJ’s or electronic music people, so we didn’t really have the best
  outlet for live music. My Message is, live music is still live and people are digging it,
  keep supporting live Music, buy records, buy tickets and merchandise.

Mason:  For me it is live music makes people feel good, you know when you are at a concert
              with your best friend, your brother or your girlfriend and you are having a good
              time, you have this feeling of goodness, this is awesome, I think this is the
              ultimate for any band, you just want the people in the crowd to feel something,
              to feel good.

Rick:                  My message is, come out and support live bands, artist and musicians on any and
  every level. Everyone starts out as a nobody. Thru their own confidence, experience
  and luck the grow. Supporting the artist community is very important.

Jason:    My biggest message to anybody out there, whether it is music or anything else,
              just be true to yourself, it is so much more rewarding. Be honest with the music
              you create. You may not ever be a superstar, but at least you’ll be happy.

Interview: Heidi Duss, for Country Music News International   Foto: Marco Duss


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