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CD Review: Sylvia – It’s All In The Family

Sylvia – It’s All In The Family

Everytime A Train Goes By, Somebody’s Daughter, Leave The Past In The Past, A Right Turn, All In The Family, Grandpa Kirby Runnin’ The Hounds, Immigrant Shoes, Cumberland Rose, Hope’s Too Hard, I Didn’t Know What I Was Missing, Here Lately, Do Not Cry For Me

Everytime A Train Goes By, delves deeply into Celtic music.  Intro music carries such a deep reflection on the inside.  As the song goes, “When I suddenly heard that sound….Filled the valley and shook the ground…”My body was frozen…Cups and saucers started to shake…Fear on the horizon…Run and hide before it’s too late…One morning I stood still…Engine rumbling over the hill…Held my breath and I close my eyes…Feared the worst, but to my surprise…A loud whistle was blowin…Opened my eyes and what did I see…Right there in my backyard…That conductor smiling at me…Every time a train goes by, a train goes by, my confidence grows…I can face any old whistle that blows…Every time a train goes by…”I just love the message behind this song. For me, it goes along in quiet trust, increasing the faith and doing those necessary things in life, persevering and growing in times of shaking.  Greater benefits can be found behind the disappointments, failures in life, it can be hidden behind unanswered prayers.   The way will be made clear as we look heavenwards and hear the Conductor’s voice in prayer.  It’s like digging dip in the tremors of life and nourishing our soul to victory. 

“Somebody’s Daughter” covers the storybook of life.  It’s about the role we have in life.  It’s about giving up the fairy tale life and deal with the reality of what’s going on around the world.  Message is just filled with the purpose we have in life and encouraging us to dream and let our Father carry us in all situations in life. 

“Leave The Past Behind” is finding a new beginning with the one you love and not looking back.  It is settling down in spirit and giving every part of oneself, surrendering heart and mind.  It’s finding a home and belonging while taking time to dance to the rhythm of the song of care, love, peace and forgiveness.  As the song goes, “It burns way too fast, we can have all we can handle…So tonight, let’s just dance….and who knows what we might find if we surrender heart and mind…Stay here with me…Make this moment last…Let’s just leave the past in the past.”

“Right Turn” is finding the right person. It’s finding the other piece of your heart.    It’s the heart thrill and the gentle glow of love.  It’s discovering a matchless treasure after treading in the highway of the lost.  The beat mixed with lyrics brings joy and a glimpse of a broken heart becoming one.

The intro of “All In The Family” is the echo of the song, “Because He Lives”.  The strings just pierce it’s way to your heart and move you.  Tells about the precious moments with the family, far more valuable that it could ever be, the perfect recipe of love, going through the day of walking the aisle, talking, smiling, crying, laughing, sharing blessings.   All these things make life a thing of beauty. 

How can one live a dream?  “Immigrant Shoe’s can give you a bird’s eye view.  It’s following the promptings of the seed of promise for a reason, for a purpose that started as tiny mosaics and finally seeing the full picture and stepping on the territory, saying goodbye to the old world and saying hello to the new.  Tin whistle, the violin and the drum make you dance to the new song in those immigrant shoes in the new home with the land lighting the path. 
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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