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CD Review: Southern Halo – Southern Halo

Southern Halo – Southern Halo

Little White Dress, Life Rolls, Rewind, Don’t Wanna Move On, Over You, Moonshine, This Song, Living Like That, Cowboys, I Ain’t Craze (But My Daddy Is)

Music lovers Southern Halo Natalia, Christina and Hannah Morris are from Mississippi.  The country trio has a beat style of fusing vibrant energy, enthusiasm and a little sadness in the album “Southern Help”  It is an expression of their musical background.  The exciting beat of “Little White Dress” can push you to enjoy life while searching the perfect one to be part of your life.  It’s hearing the bells ringing, seeing the future in little white dress.  It’s like seeing a glimmer of hope blossoming into full trust as the heart rejoices to share the excitement of getting an answered prayer of sharing life with a dream partner. 

The heart is a bit complicated and delicate.  Sometimes it is easily overloaded and unbalanced by worries and cares even in time of pleasures if you let it.  “Life Rolls” is facing up the challenges, the changes in life in a brave manner.  It’s fighting the dark and using time and energy to beat fists under the stars from heaven and then let it melt into trusting the heavens for solutions. 

“Moonshine” is going to the very center of happiness and enjoying the presence of the one you love, enjoying the thrill of adventures and wonder of each other’s presence.  The rhythm creates a nice, soothing chill out beat encouraging you to love more. 

Listening to “This Song” is like basking in the sweet gentle warmth of joy and love.  Such day is a fragrant time of spending precious time together, forever.  The hearts thrill to the touch of overwhelming love that turns into a song for the memories to last a lifetime.  Melody brings dream back upright, the way it was meant to be.  It’s simply staying close with each other in minds, hearts and spirits.

There is no room for cowards in the song “Living Life Like That”.  It’s breaking the chains of timidity, doubt and fear.  It is going full speed of taking a chance and never looking back.  It’s pushing beyond the safe little comfort zone and going further beyond the bounds of comfort and safety.  It’s living life not the way others want it.  It’s living the passion with a purpose and having the freedom and heavenly will to accomplish the dream. 
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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