CD Review: SaraBeth – Full Speed Ahead

SaraBeth – Full Speed Ahead

Somebody Who Is, Keep On Keepin’ On, Song About You, Winshield/Rearview, I Want It That Way

Love makes the world go round, but it’s not the case in “Somebody Who Is”  The electric guitar wails the   pain, grief, a bit of anger, but still staying on top of things and on the lookout for a love that is firm, constant, all encompassing, lasting and unconditional. As the song goes, “You betrayed me badly and there’s no excuse.  I think the time for me has come to cut you lose.  You got to know this ain’t the way to live.  If you’re not in for this, I’ll find somebody who is.  Seems like your mission is to make me cry, you’re pretty much over and so am I.  So, I’ll give my heart for someone else to fix.  If you’re not in for this, I’ll find somebody who is.”

Life has its ups and downs.  “Keep On Keepin’ On” is going along in quiet trust, doing those necessary things to life each day.  It’s a constant reminder of casting negatives from flowing through you before they take up residence in your mind.  I say the best way is to just rest awhile in the warm gentle glow of our Creator and Lord’s love, soaking up of His presence and everything will be all right. 

Life is meant to be joyful.  ”Song About you” is making life, making all the activities a thing of beauty.  The dreamy sound of the fiddle becomes a treasure when faced with love, trust, boundless happiness at the expectancy of being together.  Indeed, making your loved one part of you, part of your way of seeing things is a stepping stone to greater life.

“Winshield/Rearview” is all about chasing dreams, leaving something behind and making it a reality.  It’s a ride that leads to new doorways to the unknown.  It’s a new path, new beginning, new situations, new place, new activities, new everything that require lots of soaking in the Holy Fire so as not to get lost in the world. 

“I Want It That Way” is the ache of knowing the truth, yet running from it in different and wrong places.  After an inner search the heart finally know and understand that love still flows through, out to a hurting world.  That’s how love should be, a love that enables, frees and sweeps lives clean, the one that restores hearts to peace and balance, a wonderful promise to be bathed in the light of love.    

RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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