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CD Review: Sammy Kershaw – I Won’t Back Down

Sammy Kershaw – I Won’t Back Down

Take a Letter to Maria, Law Back Down, Grillin and Chillin’, Fixer Upper, Groove, I Won’t Back Down, I Had to Give That Up Too, I Can’t Wait To Waste a Little Time, Send In The Rodeo, Don’t Move, Why You Wann Do Me This Way, Let’s Lay Here Forever

The things that captivated my attention to the Amercian country music artist Sammy Kershaw’s music are the lessons that go with the songs.

Thousands of couples walk down the aisle and exchange vows.  Some marriages are successful, last for a lifetime and some do not.  “Take a Letter to Maria” has a foot tapping beat but behind the rhythm is a painful story about the pain of separation.  A spouse is in the arms of another man.  The story reminds me so much about the wise King Solomon who warned his son who forgot the covenant of God.  Marriage vows are solemn commitment and promises.  It is a covenant relationship made during the wedding day and established by God where the bride completes the groom and groom completes her.  With the high rates of divorce these days, a lot has been wondering, can one save the marriage, is it possible to trust again? The thorn is different in each life, but it is there to teach us things that could be learned in no other way.  Life goes on despite the thorn’s presence. Victory lies in faith, peace and joy even in the midst of difficulties.

“I Won’t Back Down”  is standing ground even in the midst of adversities.  Through tough times Sammy Kershaw moves forward, going to the very center of them.  It’s taking courage to do the impossible.  It’s about guarding the heart and mind and never trading it to the devil for his fear and worry.  It’s staying behind the protective wind beneath His wings and going through the fire which refines him.  Victory is recognizable when you show love, tenderness and obey in times of challenges. 

RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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