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Tall Buildings - Today I Started Loving You Again - Take Me Home Country Roads - They're Gone - Movie House - My Town - DeFunak Springs - Bubble Gum Days - Thank God I'm A Country Boy - The Only Thing That Matters - Temperamental - Dooley
I'm always amazed at the incredibly beautiful 'music' emanating from large families devoted to Jesus Christ.  It must be the dedication and strong belief that the promises of Christ will obviously come true.  This CD is one of the most remarkable CD's I've ever heard from a large family.  The first thing I 'hear' and hear it well is how amazingly proficient this family is on their choice of musical instruments.  Secondly is their incredible ability to transform and bring back some older popular songs like "Take Me Home Country Roads" and "Today I Started Loving You Again" and give the songs such a brilliant 'new' interpretation and fulfillment. This happens again and again on this wonderfully beautiful CD.  I need to introduce new listeners to this family.  Alan Lindsey (dad) does vocals and rhythm guitar (I like his sure and strong rhythm pattern, much like Jimmy Martin used to portray); Caleb Lindsey does vocals and mandolin "also general fill-in on a bunch of other instruments" (I really like the mandolin of bluegrass, so well executed by Bill Monroe. Caleb has the Monroe touch, but add a little Jesse McReynolds and you can begin to understand how very versatile this family is on their instruments.); Rebekah Lindsey does vocals and  guitar (I believe she is excellent in embellishing vocal harmony); Naomi Lindsey does bass and penny whistle (the use of the penny whistle on "Take Me Home Country Roads" was brilliant, as it is on "My Town" a lovely self-composed song by Jared Lindsey, about stories his Grandpa told of his Grandpa's farm in Southeast Ohio ); Susanna Lindsey does vocals (this means she also does harmony. All of the harmony on this CD is incredibly tight and audibly beautiful); Timothy Lindsey does vocals, banjo, Dobro, and percussion.  (The banjo is perhaps the most prominent instrument in bluegrass music and bluegrass gospel music.  Timothy's mastery of this instrument is paramount to bluegrass music, sometimes perhaps too embellished.  Timothy knows exactly where the banjo excels and where it is a background instrument. He never overpowers his fellow musicians, a trait often overlooked in bluegrass music); Stephen Burwell and Madison Denton sit in on this session, both excellent fiddle players, triumphant in keeping the original 'old-time' style of fiddle playing alive and well.  It is so remarkable that this musical family can keep the ingredients of delightful Kentucky 'rural' music alive and well in a 'country-bluegrass' style of playing, while at the same time 'country' music of today is so sorrowfully lacking in all of the most successful ingredients that make this music so 'American' in creation and style.  My hat's off to the Lindsey Family who have no trouble at all keeping the distinctive American style in their music, and doing it so exceptionally well.  I'm impressed, not only with the popular songs the family has selected for this session, but also their very well written and executed self-composed songs. Tammy Lindsey (Mama), Michael age 10, and Olivia age 7, are the remaining members of the family and generally contribute during shows.  The younger entertain through some very impressive yodeling and other fun songs and dance.  This CD is still within the 'time range' of acceptable CD's being reviewed by the Rural Roots Music Commission for their "CD of the Year" awards.  I will immediately send it to them with my own high hopes that this recording will set well with them.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, Pres., National Traditional Country Music Association , www.music-savers.com for Country Music News International

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