CD Review: Kane Brown’s Self Titled Album

Kane Brown’s Self Titled Album

Track Listing: Hometown, What Ifs, Learning, Thunder in the Rain, Pull It Off, Cold  Spot, Ain’t  No Stopping Us Now, Comeback, Rockstars, Better Place, Granddaddy’s Chair.

The Georgia native singer/songwriter Kane Brown is manifesting his life through music.  His voice totally compliments to the guitar licks that explodes with the complications in life.  Vocals adjust smoothly to the beats and styles of music from country to rock, to pop, to R&B, to rap.  Nice changes in vocal pitch and volume are noticeable in different songs.  The drums and the guitar riffs detail the twist of the story being told.  It’s no surprise that a lot of people are drawn to his music and the story of his life.  Kane Brown gained success the non-traditional way, earning a large fan base and rewarding the followers by truly connecting with them.

“Hometown”’ is written by  Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelly, James McNair and Cameron Montgomery.  The chorus brings the pop into the steps of achieving a dream as the guitar licks carry it to a level of prominence.  As the song goes,  “All I wanna do is make my hometown proud, make my hometown proud, make my hometown proud.”  You can listen to the riffs and licks and these lines stick to your head and flows through your mouth as you sing along. 

“What If’s” are sequence of anxious thoughts that may blow things out of proportion or not as it stretches from the beginning till the end of the song.  It starts with the strings pummeling forward followed by flashes of series of uncertainties of the situation.  The track simmers with pop and country beat that mirrors the interpersonal tension in the lyrics written by Kane Brown, Sam Ellis and Blake Anthony Carter.  It’s true that we do not know what lies ahead of us and people become apprehensive.  Imaginations can magnify problems until they seem insurmountable.  Well, there is no fear when we have the light in our hearts that makes us see through heaven’s eyes.  It serves as a compass in life.

“Learning” is a touching narrative rap.  It’s getting out in the storms in life, learning to let go and choosing to be a forgiving person despite the wrongs being done.  It teaches us the value of choosing forgiveness as we truly understand our Makers gracious forgiveness. 

“Thunder in the Rain” is a romantic track and is one of the songs Kane Brown has written with Josh Hoge and Matthew McVaney.  It went to Number 1 spot on the iTunes. 

“Better Place”, another song written by Kane Brown along with Chase McGill and Will Weatherly  which has a dreamy, sunny, caring and loving feel that reflects the expression, “Your wish is my command.”  It’s a celebration of finding happiness, having a dream together and doing everything for the one you love to reach destiny point.
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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