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CD Review: JOHNNY GREENWOOD - 50th Anniversary Album, All Australian Songs

50th Anniversary Album, All Australian Songs
Australia's Bert Hinkler - Jindawarrabell - A-U-S-T-R-A-L-I-A - The Little Kangaroo - Just Saddle Old Darky - Mary My Wildflower Sweetheart - Old Horsemen - Out On The Warrego - Lance Skuthorpe's Daring Leap - A Picture Of Home - Where The Bellbirds Call - The Wobbly Boot Hotel - Bluey The Cattle Dog - Shadows On the Trail - Out On The Queensland Ranges - The Bracewell Pioneers
Fifty years is a very long time to be singing, picking, and recording a musical genre that can be definitely labeled 'country.'  Johnny Greenwood stays true to the measure in everything he does with music.  This particular album is exactly what early American country music was all about.  Songs with stories.  Songs done honestly and sincerely with the heart evermore deeply involved.  This album is also a very good 'memory' package of some incredibly well written songs, but much much more, it's incredibly well recorded.  To hear the fiddle actually take the lead instrumental is absent in American country music today.  Oh sure we have an occasional modern urban style artist called 'country' who do it simply because they should, but it is rarely selected as a representative artistic work called 'country' music.  Johnny Greenwood has no problem being real country.  It's a great part of who he is, and definitely why he's managed to keep his love of the music alive for fifty years no less.  He recorded a lot of his great songs for RCA Victor in Australia, and has performed them internationally.  A good sign of a good writer is the simple fact that other recording artists want to do your songs. So it is in the case of Johnny Greenwood.  Even though he has been pursuing his 'country music road' his entire life, this album is a definite reflection of who he is as an artist, and definitely who he is as a performer.  The 'date' on this particular CD is1963-2013, which celebrates his 50 years, but now in 2017, add another four years to that, and lo and behold Johnny Greenwood will soon be celebrating his 55th year of 'real' country music.  Johnny Greenwood is definitely an authentic 'country music' artist.  This CD is just loaded with some incredibly good country story songs, even a Jimmie Rodgers run on the guitar now and then.  Super music from a super writer, performer and recording artist.  He brilliantly used the typical instrumentation to 'create' 'real' country music.  Acoustic guitar, Dobro, harmonica, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, mixed brilliantly so that every instrument, every vocal utterance, every musical sound is appropriately heard and admired.  I can't even pick a 'favorite' song from this wonderful expression of true country music, they are all super good.  Off this album goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission, even though it's a couple of years old, they do not judge music for their CD of the Year awards according to when it came out.  ALL music in the vein of 'real' country music is eligible, so it shall be for Johnny Greenwood.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Assn., www.music-savers.com for Country Music News International

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