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CD Review: Adam and Brooks – Two Of A Kind

Adam and Brooks – Two Of A Kind

All I Want Is You, You Don’t Need No Trouble Baby, Downtown Nashville Tennessee, You Are The Reason, You Don’t Even Know I Love You, Love Is All Around, Blinded By Tears, Born On The Wings Of Our Love, Jackson, Lay Down Your Love On Me, My Heart Is A Highway

“Two Of A Kind” album has got the rhythm for Country dancing.  It’s fun, it makes you get out there on the dance floor.  It is the perfect match for “The Two Step” move, going quick, quick, slow with your dance partner.  “All I Want Is You” which is a very nice kick start in the album.  It’s about finding the perfect love at the right moment.  The straight-ahead country beat accentuate the intricate country dance steps.

“You Don’t Need No Trouble Baby” is taking two-step backwards and spinning a bit as the Sweethearts  in the track twist and step back from one another.  It is such a complicated love story with spinning out and series of romantic twists.  The best thing to do is to get it right, turn around and swing it on the right moments.  It can be impressive if love involves flipping the bad situation and lifting it up.

One of the challenges of people who moved out of their city and reside in another city of country is homesickness. “Downtown Nashville Tennesse” starts with having a ticket to the heart of the country which they love and miss so much.  You can feel the fiery hearts of excitement and the heartbeat of the music to stay connected to those who matter.  These are the days of fun and purpose as they share and experience the sights and sounds of Nahville Tennessee.

“You Are The Reason” tells about being the right person to the one, a soul mate in other words.  The track is not a perfect package of circumstances, but they’re on the same page, they’re in it together.  Every challenge, every difficulty glues Adam and Brooks together, making them inseparable and invincible.  No outside influence or external matter can break their bond.  It’s all about the power of love really and that’s what makes it more than wonderful and victorious.

“Born On The Wings Of Our Love” is recognizing that the couple has separate identities, but they are facing the world as one.  True love and timing is everything in this track as the “Two of a Kind” Adam and Brooks are having the same virtues and values and see the world through similar lens.  Love makes them stronger.  Together they  put colors on their dreams and fly in magical ways as their love blooms.
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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