Flashback’s new album ‘Foxhounds and Fiddles’ Bluegrass superpickers combine new with traditional

Bluegrass superpickers combine new with traditional

Bluegrass fans are enjoying a rare treat: a new album from bluegrass supergroup Flashback.  Titled FOXHOUNDS AND FIDDLES, the album is now available following an album release party in April.

The band’s name, Flashback, is an apt one. The group features well-known bluegrass musicians and entertainers Phil Leadbetter, Don Rigsby, Richard Bennett and Curt Chapman, all from the original “Flashback” band that was formed as a 20-year reunion band for J.D. Crowe, which brought all original members together (including Crowe, who came out of retirement) for a 2015 tour in which they were known as The Flashback Band. Their band name comes from the title of the album they released with Crowe in 1995. After Crowe returned to his retirement, he was replaced by baritone Stuart Wyrick on banjo.

Since their early days playing Crowe, each of the original band members have gone on to become individually recognized stars in bluegrass circles as solo artists and members of other groups.

The first single from the album is the title track, Foxhounds and Fiddles, written by Bennett and Rigsby. According to Leadbetter, the song is about the way things used to be for folks who grew up in the country.

The album is on Pinecastle Records and is available for purchase from their website as well as from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.  Read more about Flashback at www.fbband.com.

 Preshias Harris for Country Music News International

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