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Eileen Carey sold out concert in Los Angeles

GREAT NIGHT FOR EILEEN CAREY #GOODBADGIRL                                                                                                                                                                              Release Party & Performance! Los Angeles, April 13, Eileen Carey at the Mint: 
Hearts of time
In The Air
Bottle your crazy up
Don't get me wrong
Someone by myside
Good Bad Girl
Let it go
Eileen Carey’s new single #GOODBADGIRL may rock harder than Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” but is just as daring. Riding a huge wave of success, with a multitude of awards, chart and performance successes, Carey last month released her “Good Bad Girl” single to rave reviews, which had the song entering into the New Music Weekly’s Country Main Charts at #48; one spot below ACM’s New Artist of the Year, Marin Morris. In fact Eileen’s previous single In The Air, which not only topped all of the NMW.s Country charts, but all their Adult Contemporary and Top 40 charts as well, and regularly had more spins than Marin over the past two years. And just this past week The Akademia Music Awards bestowed Song of the Year for Eileen Carey’s hit single, In The Air. Eileen won an Akademia Award in 2015 for her single Bottle Your Crazy Up as well.
So when Eileen took the stage at The Mint, one of Los Angeles’ premier showcase clubs, she had plenty of ammo to fuel the interest of the industry types, and as she has been doing for years sent them home with a huge smile on their faces. Her co-headliner, Bluesman Jack Broadbent, was big fun as well. Known for his unique guitar positioning (like a pedal steel), gruffy English humor and his Amsterdam busking career. Opening for Eileen and Jack was a couple excellent acts touring together from Texas called Desilu and Gold Learther.
What has set Eileen apart from many country artists is how well received she was by a night full of Blues and Grunge bands. I am all about expanding the parameters of my music. I think my music speaks to everyone regardless of genre, says Carey. And the industry seems to agree with her as she was awarded Crossover Artist of the Year by the New Music Weekly this past March.
Eileen Carey opens her set at The Mint with one of her stalwart numbers called Hearts of Times, which is bright, melodic and steps the band into mid-set emotion quickly. The second In The Air is Eileen’s first single release to her upcoming album release due out late this summer. It has topped numerous Country and Adult Contemporary charts most noticeable being the New Music Weekly charts, where Eileen topped all their charts (Country, AC, Top 40) with the exception of their College charts.
The song is sensitive and demands much from Carey which she carries off with vigor. But the song that truly kicked her incredible band of John “Groover” McDuffie (Rita Coolidge), Al Bonhomme (co-wrote the Good Bad Girl single) “The wedding drummer” type it in to YouTube Suzanne Morisette-Cruz, and Albert Lee bass mainstay Will McGregor off, was her thematic Bottle Your Crazy Up.
Carey, like a fighter, an analogy substantiated by her decade of kick-box training and fiery on stage performances, that this night closed the continually applauded set with her fiery women’ s anthem "Faith.".

Joey Alkes for Country Music News International

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