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CD Review: LORETTA LYNN - Full Circle

Full Circle
Whispering Sea - Secret Love - Who's Gonna Miss Me? - Black Jack David - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven - Always On My Mind - Wine Into Water - In The Pines - Band Of Gold - Fist City - I Never Will Marry - Everything It Takes - Lay Me Down
Wow, what a treat to hear 'real' country music.  This is not Loretta's newest album, she cut this one in 2016, but I must say her trip to the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee, still under the direction and tutorship of John Carter Cash, was a most wise decision. The delightful son of Johnny and June Carter Cash, who came to our old-time country music festival in LeMars, Iowa, in 2014 to honor his mom and dad, and himself as well, was a little nervous with the large crowd of all-rural folks, but he not only turned in a stupendous performance on his own, he captured the hearts of everyone of those rural Iowa folks. As I write this review, Loretta is in the hospital suffering from a stroke.  All of us in 'rural' America are praying for her quick recovery.  She's 85 years old, and on this album her voice is just as strong as it has ever been.  By including such 'oldies' as "Black Jack Davy" and "In The Pines" she is able to recapture every note of what 'real' country music is all about.  Stupendous! There are a couple of Loretta's originals on this album that are also incredibly well done.  "Who's Gonna Miss Me?" and "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven"  and she's absolutely right in the second song, "nobody wants to die."  How much more earthy and 'true' to the earth can any singular artist get?  It's really what 'country' music is all about, and always has been. Loretta Lynn is the last of the really really good 'true' country artists.  It's monumentally important that her legend, her passion, her integrity, her courage, and her dignity, does not die with her.  So when she asks in a song she wrote, "Who's Gonna Miss Me?" I can truthfully say, every single fan of traditional 'real' country music will miss her, and that's in the hundreds of thousands.  And, why national television sees no need to do any kind of programming in this area, catered to the baby-boomers of America, it puzzles me no end as to where their minds must be. I want to review Loretta's newest album, and hopefully I'll be able to do that in the near future, but right now, if you are a passionate fan of 'true' country music, you certainly do need this  project in your collection. Even if you're not sure who Loretta Lynn is, perhaps you're too young, she's still among the very last of those who managed to keep America's rural music alive and well their entire lifetime.  Loretta let John Carter Cash have a lot of leeway in the musicians that participated.  I'll mention a few names, those of you in the know will also be aware of who they are and what they play: Randy Scruggs; Ronnie McCroury; Jamie Hartford; Dennis Crouch; Sam Bush; Roby Turner; Will Smith; Elvis Costello; and the incredible Willie Nelson.  Quite a line-up huh, and there's lots more incredibly gifted musicians on this recording.  John Carter Cash produced with Chuck Turner mixing and engineering (a job incredibly well done).  Much congratulations to John Carter Cash for his obvious love for not only this kind of music, but Loretta Lynn herself.  What a masterful work of love.  Of course I'm sending this along to the Rural Roots Music Commission, but I'm sure Loretta would not be able to come to LeMars for a CD of the Year award, simply because in that same time frame she is very busy with a festival at her own Hurricane Ranch.  Still one never knows, country is where country is.  Good job Loretta, keep it up.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President: National Traditional Country Music Assn., www.music-savers.com for Country Music News International

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