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CD Review: High Valley – Dear Life

High Valley – Dear Life

She’s With Me, Dear Life, I Ain’t  Changin’, Make You Mine, Don’t Stop, The Only, Roads We’ve Never Taken, I BE U Be, Memory Makin, Soldier, Young Forever

The High Valley duo Brad and Curtis Rempel are originally from Blumenort, Alberta, Canada.  The brothers create their own sound, mixing different genres like pop, rock and still sticking to the country roots.  We can take a glimpse of their hearts, their energy through their albums.  They provide us with a model of wide-open life fully lived.

Everyone undergoes different seasons in life.  When you’re experiencing a detour, when you’re lost, when you’re disappointed, frustrated, doubting and fighting your own battle, take a hold on the first track in this album.   “She’s With Me” is a more than wonderful fight song.  I love how the banjo, guitar and the drums wage war with emotions.  The lyrics and the rhythm are hand in hand, dancing their way to victory.  It’s so much better to fight the battle with someone who sticks with you till end.  That’s when you can truly say, “Through thick and thin” and “Victory is Ours.”  It will make you realize that the applause in the beginning of the song rhymes with those phrases.

“I Ain’t Changin’” is an inspiration that sticks to me.  It talks about that narrow road less traveled, it talks about experiencing the favor, promotion and yet still grounded on the truth, the purpose and becoming who he is supposed to be even in the midst of a very complicated world.  Being true to one self, being a man with values and increasing faith truly stands out in the crowd, a man who is in this world, but not of this world.

“Don’t Stop” encourages you to embrace and pursue your dream.  Everyone of us has a role to do, a purpose to fulfill, to make a difference, to be a changer and never minding the haters.  You are not define by people’s opinions.  You are who our Maker created you to be.  Whether you take steps to your dream or not, there are people who always drag you down.  As the song goes, “There's only one of you…When holding on to heaven…Is all you got…Whatever you do, don't stop…Love it, while you got it…Right here, right now…Never let the haters…Drag you down…You're nobody's shadow…Go cast your own…You can put down roots…Or be a rolling stone…I've got your back…You wanna take your shot…Whatever you do, don't stop…Whatever you do, don't stop.

“I Be U Be” is the perfect balance of passion, creativity, strategy and inspiration in one’s journey.  You will find gathered wisdom, encouragement in times of challenges in life, through trials and errors.  It helps you navigate the twists and turns that leads to success on to the good life by following the true light that shines in the dark.
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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