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CD Review: George Jones – The Great Lost Hits

George Jones – The Great Lost Hits

Walk Through The World With Me, I Can Get There From Here, Things Have Gone To Pieces, Love Bug, If My Heart Had Windows, Take Me, Four-O-Thirty-Three, I’ll Share My World With You, Say It’s Not You, Small Time Laboring Man, Milwaukee, Here I Come, As Long As I Live, When The Grass Grows Over Me, If Not For You, I’m A People, She’s Mine, Where Grass Won’t Grow

“Walk Through The World With Me” is an invitation, a privilege to draw you up close, to dream and journey hand in hand with someone you love.  Your heart will get a thrill at the thought of the beauty and the joy that you sense all around you.  The music leads you to go through your days together, bask in the warmth, closeness, shared understanding and quite trust as you pursue your dream.

Life is not always filled with comfort, sometimes setbacks come and progress is hindered.  These rough spots push us beyond our limits.  “I Can Get There From Here” is a glimpse of that wonderful place of refreshment, that glorious fragrant field of joy and beauty.  This track takes us upward, onward and continues to take up some steps to grow, improve and become who we are created to be and reach this place.   Heartaches, doubts, worries and fears melt in this sweet, peaceful place.   

The melody of “Things Have Gone To Pieces’’  will land you in the middle of the desert, being cast into the barren walls that holds no richness and moving vocals grabs you at the sides, getting a foothold so you can peek over the edge of where this situation is hanging.  Solution brings you back to the previous song, to that place of refreshment, where the living water keeps flowing.  Whatever your situation is, even in pain and in struggle, growth is found and it never runs out of lessons and heart-communication.    

“If My Heart Had Windows” is the opening, the sharing of your heart to someone you love.  It’s that deep communion between two people who are truly in love, totally giving of oneself, living in the place where you are destined and coming in the very center of being with no limitations and non stop believing and trusting.  The slow tempo holds sweetly to the dreamy vocals that teach you to be one in heart, one in mind and one in spirit.   

The country music superstar George Jones’s memory will live on.  The traditional instrumentation, the baritone voice and the inspirational lyrics will forever speak to your heart, to come to the garden just as he did to have a refreshed and renewed courage and fate to handle the pressures and heartaches in life.
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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