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CD Review: Darden Smith – Everything

Darden Smith – Everything

Blessings, Firefly, Against The Grain, I Love You, Goodbye, Everything, Love Will Win The War, Soul Searching, Me Too, Carousel, Home, Forever, Can You See The Moon

The kick off song “Blessings” starts with a big explosion of inspiration.  It’s a relax kind of music encouraging us to not strain ahead, instead Darden reminds us to search the horizon for every need.  Sometimes the most simple is the most difficult.  It requires faith to breakthrough.  Go along in quiet trust as you listen to this track. 

There is no greater joy, no greater wonder, no greater fulfillment than being with the one you love.  The echo-ey guitar in “Firefly” intertwines with the melodic, slow dreamy dynamics throughout the track.  Darden’s vocals exhibit the strength of his love and awakening the little faith within.

Life is woven together in a beautiful yet intricate patterns of love and purpose.  The fragile power vocals and well crafted lyrics of “Against The Grain” simmer with fearlessness.  This song is a celebration of being unique and making a difference in this world .  It’s about choosing to look at life through the eyes of faith and love, going forward and blissfully unafraid, skimming the darkness but not going under it.  The pleasures of sunshine, flowers, warmth and field of beauty bring joy, enjoying each day as it comes.  It’s about daydreams, future plans and longing for things to come as days go by.  It tells about sharing his life, his love with people.  Vocals’  flavored with Darden Smith’s signature guitar style which sweetens all the lessons produce in life, a life guided by heaven’s eyes. 

Life sometimes gets so complicated, clouding the issue and stealing spiritual vision and understanding.  “Love Will Win The Battle” gets you right on track, focusing upon these cares to detect intrusion.  It’s the freedom to have joy and peace in the midst of upheaval, it’s “Love Will Win The Battle.”  “Soul Searching” on the other hand is taking strength, courage,  love and taking all the help from the Master’s hand through a song. 

“Home” is following the promptings for each road to take for a reason and moving into the unknown.   It is like mosaics that form the whole picture with so many questions, doubts, fear and without those it would be incomplete.  We may see mountains and shadows through human eyes, but if we hold the hand of the One who race them down to the ground then we grow, we are happy, joyful and safe.   It’s choosing to listen and obey to reach that place of destiny, disciplining the heart to seek after the things of the Spirit. It’s all about resting in the presence of our Maker and not letting the world crowd us out of His rightful place.

The singer, songwriter Darden Smith mixes together folk, rock with country influences which chases inspiration that can saturate your mind with wisdom, making you concentrate upon each blessing in the midst of a challenge. 

RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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