Eileen Carey Launches New Single, “Good Bad Girl”

Eileen Carey Launches New Single, “Good Bad Girl”
Song Debuted to Nashville Music Journalists During Country Radio Seminar
(Nashville, TN April 10, 2017) Responding to the media enthusiasm she generated with her recent round of performances during Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, California singer-songwriter Eileen Carey has just released a stunning new single, “Good Bad Girl.”

Like such earlier Carey hits as “Let It Go" and “Bottle Your Crazy Up,” “Good Bad Girl” is light of heart and serious of purpose--which pretty much describes Carey’s whole approach to music.  “If you can see the fun side—even the silly side—of relationships,” she says, “you have a much greater opportunity to illuminate the things that can—and do—go wrong.  It’s that whole spoonful-of-sugar recipe.

“Good Bad Girl” conjures up a complete romantic scenario in which Carey flits flirtatiously from good to bad to much, much better.  Entertainment reporters who heard Carey debut the song during a special Nashville luncheon performance during Country Radio Seminar applauded it wildly.

“I don’t want to do ho-hum songs, the kind you vaguely hear in the background while you’re checking your phone,” Carey asserts.  “That’s not fair to your audience.  Give me lyrics you have to think about, even if they’re making you tap your foot at the same time.”

“Good Bad Girl” will be featured on Carey’s fifth studio album, produced by Travis Allen, which is due out this summer.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Carey has long since risen to prominence in the West Coast music scene.  She is a three-time Los Angeles Music Award winner, a South Bay (L.A.) Music Award recipient and, in 2013, was named by CBS L. A. as one of Los Angeles’s Top 10 Female Musicians.

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