CD Review: KEITH MILLER - The Saw

The Saw
Amazing Grace - An Old Convention Song - Did Your Mother Come From Ireland - Edelweiss - God Bless America - God Bless The USA - How Great Thou Art - In The Garden - I Just Came To Praise The Lord - I'll Fly Away - It Is Well With My Soul - It Wasn't Raining When Noah Built the Ark - My Irish Rose - O' Danny Boy - Old Rugged Cross
This is a very first for me.  I've never ever reviewed a CD that consists of a lot of 'saw-playing.'  Keith Miller also vocalizes throughout this adventure, but his forte is playing the saw.  He plays it with a bow and has the vibrato just right as well as the 'note' he is playing.  This is a saw, a regular saw one would use to cut a 2x4 in a building project, but here in the hands of an old Iowan, it becomes a very catchy and delightful musical instrument.  This is taking the music of rural homesteaders and pioneers right to the present.  When they lacked a musical instrument to help them especially with gospel music, they would substitute whatever they could make music on, and the saw was one of them.  On this CD Keith used some pre-recorded tracks to sing and vocalize to.  He also over-dubbed the saw on several of the songs.  This is not a CD that will be at the top of the hit-parade, it is however a very refreshing opportunity to hear music done by one of our elders as a hobby, and 'saving' the 'saw' like no other.  Keith has been to our National Old Time Music Festival in LeMars for a number of years, and he always conducts a workshop or two on 'how to play the saw' attended by many who 'wonder' at how you can music on a tool from the woodshed.  More power to you Keith, keep up the good work.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, Pres., National Traditional Country Music Association  For Country Music News International

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