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If I Should Wander Back Tonight - Before I Met You - Come all Ye Fair and Tender Ladies - Crossing Sugar Creek - Doin' My Time - When The Savior Reached Down For Me - Grand Ole Opry Song - Rose Of Old Kentucky - Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong - Pick Along - Ruby - Sunny Side of The Mountain - John Knew
I really have a spot in my heart for young new performers of Bluegrass music.  This genre is the only thing we have going these days that still reflects the honesty and sincerity of 'true' songwriting and rural and mountain musical expression.  The traditional nature in which Jonah puts these songs forward with his super banjo playing, with just as much honesty and sincerity as the song itself., is amazing.  I was so happy to see Jimmy Martin's great song "Sunny Side of the Mountain" on this remarkable CD.  Jimmy was a good friend of mine, we go back a long ways, and this young Grayson Riddle (Jonah's 12-year old brother and lead vocalist & guitarist) is following right in his footsteps.  Grayson is not growing old and gray yet, but he sure has that 'feel' for the song, the same 'feel' Jimmy Martin had, one of the most proficient 'true' in-your-face bluegrass performers ever.  I loved him dearly.  And guess what, I love the way Jonah Riddle is 'throwing' himself into this musical genre, and doing it with a passion very very few 'pop' artists have these days.  Take note, his brother Grayson is going to be a top vocalist.  Together, much like the Everly Brothers did with their music, the Riddle's can, and will, take the 'traditional bluegrass' music scene to themselves.  They have already established themselves as a musical force to deal with, and I believe I'll see the day when they will be 'top' names on any bluegrass festival.  Super good CD.  Off it goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission, who I know like new young players just as much as I do.  "Tradition' can sometimes be a hard word to describe, but it sure is relevant to everything Jonah and Grayson are doing with their music.  Thanks for the nice bass too dad.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - Pres., National Traditional Music Assn.
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