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CD Review: BILL BRYANT - Jesus Is Coming Back Down

Jesus Is Coming Back Down
Where Is The Man - I'm Ready - Jesus Is Coming Back Down - Our Heaven Will Be - Every Day - Theres Room For All - Two Or More - No More Sinning - I Know - Good Hands - No God Before him
I've had the extreme pleasure of reviewing some of Bill Bryant's earlier releases, and listening to this new one by him is a real pleasure. He wrote all of the songs on this fine work, but the first song "Where Is The Man" has the lead vocal done by a close friend of his, Martha Bartel.  She also sings the lead on "Our Heavens Will Be," and ""No God Before him."  I love the 'mix' on this really nice first song, and the flute in the background sets it off just right.  Second song utilizes some really nice autoharp and quavering harmonica in the back ground as Bill sings about being ready.  Being ready for what?  It's a real pleasure to hear a man talk about what he's waiting for, in this case it's the return of Jesus Christ, the one and only who offered his life to set those who believe in the goodness of God free from sin, free from decadence, free from pain and sorrow.  That's what this whole CD is about, what about the return of Christ? What's also really neat about this album is Bill's ability to utilize some very old musical instruments and also produce an up-tempo change of pace that might very well be described as leaning toward a soft-rock style.  I love it.  "Jesus IS Coming Back Down" and Bill makes that very apparent.  Rob Dewbre is the fascinating harmonica player on a number of songs on this very easy to listen to album. Tim Soule is on an acoustic guitar, high on the neck, sounding terrific in this song.  Tim Soule takes the lead vocal on "Every Day," another fascinating composition.  Bill takes back the lead vocal on a 'happy' song featuring 5-string banjo.  Of course it's a happy song, Bill is telling everyone 'there's room for all,' in the kingdom of God.  Sort of a 'Rocky Top' kind of banjo song.  Recorded at Studio 501 in Lakeside, Montana, mixed and engineered by Dennis Ooms, this entire project is a well-done, well-mixed, well-thought out project.  It's the project that brought Bill to the studio, "praising the Lord, Montana style."  Couldn't be better, there's a subtle mix of folk, bluegrass, mild rock, and even some 'pop' and 'blues' sounds that make for a very interesting listening experience.  I believe Bill Bryant has won 'CD of the Year' awards before from the Rural Roots Music Commission, not exactly sure about that without history records in front of me, but this CD is definitely going to that group of rural folks who 'pick' the albums they believe best represent down-home old-time regional musical art styles.  
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, www.music-savers.com  National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International

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