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Eileen Carey at the Rose in Pasadena, CA, Thursday Night

Eileen Carey at the Rose in Pasadena, CA, Thursday Night

Having won multiple awards behind multiple nominations over the past two years, having topped numerous radio charts and reaching the top spot at the New Music Weekly Radio Country, Adult Contemporary and Top 40 Charts with her last three singles, Faith, Bring on the big and the current international smash In the Air; the three songs' music videos also boasts 135,000 Youtube views and counting, it is not surprising that singer-songwriter Eileen Carey can arguably be deemed “the Queen Of Indie Country-Pop.”  

Carey is a veteran! No fly-by-night, or one trick pony. She rocks, literally! Her last CD, Let It Go, contributed six cuts to the airways and the first single off her upcoming fifth CD release is the very best complete single of her career, and that is a career full of great singles and radio play.  

Known for her yearly Summer and Fall tour of California’s Fairs and Festivals, Carey has developed an excited fan base in Southern California, and consistently outdraws the headliners (all of Rock royalty) that she has been opening for. She certainly has a stellar reputation in the Honky Tonks  and clubs of Nashville that she visits and performs a number of times a year, as well. She has honed her show over years and is a fully involved entertainer, so it was with anticipation that the home town crowd came to The Rose to see Carey.

The Rose, domiciled in the internationally recognizable Pasadena, California, with its claim to all kinds of modern wonders (Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Cal Tech, American Baseball legend Jackie Robinson, the Norton Simon Art Museum, The Rose Bowl, sitcoms #1 hit the Big Bang Theory is TV located in Pasadena and much of Oscar contender the movie La La Land was shot in Pasadena. The Rose itself is a new kid on the venue block but like all of Sterling’s dinner theater-clubs, the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, Saban in Beverly Hills, etc. is a coveted room.

On that rainy and unusually cold Thursday night for Southern California, Eileen opened for Tal Bachman, son of Randy from Bachman-Turner Overdrive with Carl Kozlowski the entertainment editor of the Pasadena Weekly there to see what all the noise has been about these past few years when it came to Eileen. “Her opening slot for pop singer Tal Bachman on Jan. 19 at The Rose nightclub in Pasadena appeared to draw far more fans than Bachman himself managed to attract, with the crowd of about 200 loudly roaring their approval in multiple standing ovations”. – Carl Kozlowski, Breaking Big, February 2017 https://www.pasadenaweekly.com/2017/02/16/breaking-big/   

Carey mixes her live performance sets to pay tribute to her career of four plus albums of material. Her material is catchy and thought provoking. She rarely laments in song, more often she shares her experience of positive solutions.  Her songs seem to strike a chord with her sophisticated and economically successful fans who identify with her positive approaches to life and love.

Carey’s line-up consisted of two guitarist, a rhythm section and herself on her Shure mic. Her lead guitarist and music director John Groover McDuffie performs that same role for the legendary Rita Coolidge, and is one of country music’s premier soloists. Her drummer, Suzanne Morissette Cruz, solos with the best of them, and is the drummer gone viral on Youtube as The Wedding Drummer with over 1 ½ million views (Type in The Wedding Drummer on Youtube!). Will MacGregor is every bit a match for Suzanne on his bass. Will, known for his years playing bass for Blues legend Albert Lee, and as a member of Chuck E. Weiss’ ensemble, is one of the most respected session players in SoCal, and the same can be said of acoustic guitarist Al Bonhomme. 

Carey walks about the stage, comments in between songs, adds a slight anecdote to introduce each song and like her up-tempo material performs with remarkable energy. She opened the set with Hearts of Time from her second CD of the same name and then played through many of her fan favorites such as Let It Go, Bottle Your Crazy Up,  That Was Her This is Now,  He’s Not Mr. Right He’s Mr. Right Now, Faith, and of course In The Air.

Currently, Eileen has been nominated for and you can still vote for her, Eileen Carey at the New Music Weekly Pulldown-menu Female Hot AC Artist 2017, Country Breakthrough Artist 2017 and Crossover Artist. http://newmusicweekly.com/?page_id=67190 

Also, visit Eileen Carey at her Music Mom blog The Music Mom: Eileen Carey

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