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CD Review: RAYNE MAGILL - Thank You Lord

Thank You Lord
Thank You Lord - True Love - Every Minute - Whispers & Memories - Gloryland - Unconditional Love - A Silent Prayer - Are You Sure - Life - Stand Up - God Forgive Me - Deal With The Blues - Padre Island - A Twist Of Fate - Good Bye Little Rock & Roiler

Rayne Magill is one of my favorite Iowan songwriter, performer, vocalist, and friend.  I don't have a lot of details on this recording, but I recognize the guitar and the way it's played immediately.  Rayne has one of the best sounding acoustic guitars in our entire area, and she knows how to get what she wants from it.  What a treat it is to hear a lot of great classic country and traditional country bands playing, at Wahoo for instance, and then bring Rayne on for a complete terrific musical change.  Makes for great entertainment.  She does the same thing at the LeMars Festival, one I'm sure looking forward to this year.  This particular CD is devoted to Rayne's Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  And what a beautiful listening experience this is.  I'm not sure Rayne wrote every song on this truly nice album, but I believe she may have.  I also believe she is also doing her own vocal harmony in just the right places, and that sounds great too.  Rayne is  remarkable writer, a 'true' writer like the original genre of country music used to be.  Written from the heart.  Written in honesty.  Like "memories flood my mind when I go back in time.  So many things never seen again, daddy would lift me up so high, thought I could touch the sky, wanna do it again."  Isn't that remarkable?  The whole CD is like that.  Rayne's biggest message throughout this album is her devout belief in Christ, and how He will be with you no matter what.  Rayne has gone through some very distressing and unlikable times in her life.  To find 'her' faith in Christ so strong, it in turn gives the listener strength.  Thank you for that positive statement Rayne.  What I like a lot in this album is the ability to hear and understand every word.  The message is not hidden with heavy arrangements, it's not misunderstood because of heavy bass or other loud instrumental passages.  It's Rayne Magill and her guitar. It's what you hear when she does her live shows.  Absolutely entertaining.  I really really like "Padre Island" which should be on the 'charts' somewhere.  It definitely should be playing at that same location this spring during 'Spring Break.'  What a fascinating personal musical visit with Rayne Magill.  Much continued success in every and all things you do Rayne.  I'm going to send this delightful CD on to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  Good luck girl.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART: President, National Traditional Country Music Association www.music-savers.com for Country Music News International

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