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CD Review: Macy Martin – Broke Down

Macy Martin – Broke Down

Some people say love makes the world go round while others say it is like a roller coaster.   When there’s a negative interruption in a relationship, you hit the rut.   At one glance you may seem to have the perfect relationship when in reality you’re on the rocks, which is why it is important to keep the communication flowing.  How do you fix a broken relationship?  My question exactly when I got to listen to this track and I got to reflect the importance of having the same values, communicating, trusting one another, being hand in hand and standing shoulder to shoulder when time gets tough.  These are the marks of a great relationship.  The lyrics walk you through the tricky tightrope of emotions with subtle and gradual style to the chorus.  The rhythm remains admirable as it encourages you to reflect some more about letting your faith arise when things like this happen to you.  It inspires you to lift your hands to the heavens to heal.

Macy Martin’s “Broke Down” track can easily be your favorite country pop tune of all time.  Banjo groove and the driving bass become a complement to the colorful drum fills and the style leaves a good riffage.  Her soaring nice voice is evident right from the opening notes.  The track which is written by Matt Alderman, Liz Sharpe, Brooke Eden, Sam Brooker and produced by Kent Wells, has an upbeat rhythm.  It has the ability to create hooky sounds that keep your energy up even when the message of the song is quite depressing.  You enter a slightly sad experience as you dig deep to the lyrics.  It’s one painfully desperate song and Macy Martin carries it beautifully and the rhythm adds a soothing sound just to cross that line from brokenness to overcoming.  
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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