CD Review: Jana Kramer – Thirty One

Jana Kramer – Thirty One

Boomerang, Don’t Touch My Radio, I Got the Boy, Pop That Bottle, Love, Circles, Bullet, Dance In The Rain, Said No One, Just Like In The Movies, Last Song, Deal Breaker, All I’ve God, Why Ya Wanna, I Won’t Give Up

“Thirty One” features moving tunes, irresistible vocals and memorable musical moments.  It laments the break-up of a relationship, tackling the situations at hand, taking full responsibility on how things turned out which Jana Kramer handles very well.  One of the most challenging patterns of behavior to deal with is the passive aggressive attitude.  It takes in many forms.  “Boomerang” is going through the toughest part of a breakup, taking steps towards moving on and then undergoing what we call the boomerang phase.  I think this is the stage where we need to do some serious reflections and mediations.  Should you get back together or not?  Sometimes second chances can be smart, but it’s not true in some cases.  It depends on how you were treated and how the relationship ended.  The track asked what’s the point of it when the relationship is no longer healthy?  As the song goes, “I ain’t your boomerang…I ain’t the kind of thing…That you can throw away and watch it…Circle back around…Don’t know what game you’re playing…Begging me to stay when you sent me on my way…I wonder if this is really an action that speaks louder than words or is it just a resounding gong or clanging cymbal?

The nice intro of “Don’t Touch My Radio” sounds a bit too much like the intro of “Any Man of Mine” by one of my favorite country singers, Shania Twain.  That song is one of the most enduring and best-loved Shania hits.  Jana Kramer’s track on the other hand is catching the people’s attention.  It’s a boot stomper in which she proclaims “Put your hands on the wheel or tell me where to go…But baby here’s the deal…Don’t touch my radio no.”  The captivating sound of the lead guitar, the twinkling bass and the head-snap drums drive you through a catchy musical style.  

We all face adversity in life, but “Dance In The Rain” is having a positive attitude, taking the challenge head on and not allowing anything to deter her from reaching her full potential.  It’s having faith and learning to adapt to the changes in life in a victorious way.  This is the most memorable track in this album for me.  Jana Kramer is showcasing her style and distinct voice in a wonderful multitude of ways.  Despite getting a bit emotional at some point in the tracks, still her voice makes the song work, she nicely hit every single note.  She’s definitely a singer to watch out for especially this 2017.  Keep an eye for her!
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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