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CD Review: Dan and Shay – Obsessed

Dan and Shay – Obsessed

All Nighter, Road Trippin’, From the Ground, Already Ready, How Not To, Lipstick, Round the Clock, Lately, Sway, Obsessed

The charmed duo Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney demonstrates the beautiful sound palette that matches their powerful voices.  Their style of music and performance attracts large audiences.  They take the melody drumming and stringing together the country and pop as the base goes far beyond, resulting in a wonderful and energetic sounds cape.  “All NIghter” seems to have a diverse and nice melody elements and articulation with a rich spectrum of expressive lines.

Opening up with a captivating banjo sound,  synthy bass line and mid-tempo catchy song  “Road Trippin’” build me past the drum beat into a dance session with eyes closed when it swoops in.  The track makes you forget the stress in life as you travel the road on to your destination.  Whether you’re venturing on a weekend getaway or just driving through the night, this song is definitely for you. 

“From the Ground Up” tells the secret of having a relationship and making it last a lifetime for better or for worse.  Loving a person goes beyond butterflies in the stomach.  It is loving someone for who he is and knowing he makes you a better person.  Along the way we can learn much about what God wants from our relationship as we walk with Him in faith.

Dan and Shay wrote “Lipstick” with Nicolle Galyon.  It’s about moving on mentally but not emotionally after a breakup.  Healing is a process and there are no shortcuts.  If one is not careful about it, it is possible to move with the feet instead of move in the heart.  Take hold of the truth.  It is the only thing that sets a person free and be willing to change.  The duo’s creative style is proof that Dan and Shay are worthy of a close attention.
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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