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Lee Lindsey Teams Up With Country Music International For Promotion

LeeLindsey Teams Up With Country Music International For Promotion

"LeeLindsey's lyrics show her maturity, of someone writing from personal experience and therefore unafraid to appear vulnerable. The music is acoustic based with an element of folk-rock (or, more cringingly, countrypolitan) that, especially with the crying of the violin, has an emotional content that swathes Flowers, hopeful as it is, in melancholy."  - Tom Harrison, The Province

Like the flowers she's chosen to use in her branding, Lee is a Tall Poppy and her passion for pursuing music and her dreams has made Lindsey stand out in the garden we call life

Lindsey is part country (minus the twang), part folk, with a healthy dose of Americana; her music is a lovely mix of sombre and idyllic songs, enjoyed by hipsters, hippies, and country-folk alike! Her thoughtful lyrics fuse beautifully to her ultra feminine and youthful voice, making listening to her music an empowering experience. "Flowers", is her most raw and personal album to date, on which Lindsey shares both heartaches and triumphs. Her title track video for "Flowers" was unveiled two years ago on YouTube and has had almost 17,000 views and she continues to build and grow her loyal fan base.

Lindsey, always searching for more avenues in which to spread her sunshiny self and in the wake of her successful album. Lee has recently banded together to sing in perfect harmony with pedal steel guitar player Liz Lawrence, and violin & mandolin player Sam Breske, calling themselves Lindsey, Lawrence & Breske – stay tuned on what’s to come – with life’s new adventures and settling into the Tennessee country side, the 4th album is already on its way! 

Lee Lindsay's Official Music Video “Flowers”

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Phone: +1 615 791 7000 or email leelindsey7@gmail.com

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