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CD Review: Stephanie Grace – Life Is Okay

Stephanie Grace – Life Is Okay

The album consists of 6 songs:
Too Young, Life Is Okay, How’s That Working For Ya, Wait a Minute, Who Do You Think, Loser

The budding singer, song writer Stephanie Grace who hails from Douglassville PA is turning heads.  She’s gently pushing herself forward and her songs that have been heard across the country are grabbing a lot of people’s attention.  Her “Life Is Okay” album is steeped in country pop.  The driving beat of “Too Young” gained my attention.  It delves into laid-back tempo with its steel guitar’s driving riff that commits to the cool bass and picked up by the drum loops.  For some reason, it brought me back to my high school days.  It is usually the age where young people are enjoying life, thrilled to love and think they’re too young to be tied down.

“Life is Okay” introduces a catchy groove that matches up with Stephanie Grace’s nice vocal tone that carries her to the activities and blessings throughout the week from Monday Blues to Thank God It’s Friday and then on to the weekend which whizzes by so quickly.  All experiences lead to lots of memories whether good or bad. 

“Wait a Minute” is all about surviving a bad day.  It is really a test of faith when you’re doing the right things and the wrong things are happening instead.  Lousy and challenging days happen to everyone and when you focus on it rather than the solution, you could become a victim of a bad mood and prone to making bad or negative talks or statements.  The song reminds all of us to take a pause.  Sometimes we become really busy with tomorrow and not think much of today.  When all these things happen to you take time to stop and smell the roses, take time to enjoy what’s around you, be grateful and take time to lift your hands to the heaven above.

The hit single “Looser” tells the story of being picked on at school and the pain that goes with it.   She is addressing the issue and raising awareness about bullying.  She’s championing her cause by putting anti-bullying assemblies at multiple elementary, middle and high schools. Stephanie Grace has a knack for music, but it’s not just about her, and her talent, it is reaching out to a lot of people and help them fight the negativity in life.  It will be fascinating to see how her career progresses.
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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