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CD Review: LUANNE HUNT - The Heart Of It All / Songs From The Valley

The Heart Of It All / Songs From The Valley
Texas Tears - All I Ask Of You - It's Only A Paper Moon - Darcy  Farrow - So It Goes / Bluer Than Bluegrass - A Song For Healing - The Hosts of Christmas Past - If I Love You - Not A Day Goes By - The Last Of The Brave Ones - The Wandering Soul

Right now as I review this album by Luanne Hunt, I'm in California appreciating the rain.  Luanne Hunt is also from California, and I would suspect she's one of the best 'country' artists in this state.  The first song out of the chute, at least if you are a cowboy is, "Texas Tears," a super neat Texas style honky-tonk song that really stands out.  Luanne is one of those beautiful blondes that has a magnificent voice to go along with her obviously strong desire to be a terrific recording artist.  And that she is.  This album is studio recorded with some fine musicians, they all stand out proficiently, though I have no info on who they are or what they play.  I especially enjoyed the piano player on "It's Only A Paper Moon."  Listen for some really good 'fiddle' on "Darcy Farrow"  super good., and the acoustic picker really sets the song off.  It's Luanne's very nice folk-country voice that brings the song to it's fullest appreciation.  We hear some more great fiddle music in "Bluer Than Bluegrass" and again on "If I Love You" very effectively.  "Bluer Than Bluegrass" is not bluegrass backing, but it sure is a nice traditional country song done really well.  Luanne has made the trip back east to visit us in the heartlands for CD of the Year awards.  I'll have no difficulty forwarding this very entertaining CD to the Rural Roots Music Commission, the 'country' sound on this one is truly a lovely one to listen to.  Luanne closes the album with either pan-pipes or a recorder flute, absolutely lovely on "The Wandering Soul."  Back up vocalists on this one is especially well done.  I don't know who all the musicians are, but Luanne has a great ear for a good player, and she is also very perceptive, especially if she is in the engineers booth when the mixing is done.  She knows what she wants to hear, and she looks for the 'little' things, and makes them all better.  A lot of recording artists let this be done entirely by someone else, but I firmly believe that Luanne sees the project through all the way.  Good going Luanne.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President National Traditional Country Music Association www.music-savers.com for Country Music News International  

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