CD Review: Dailey & Vincent - Brothers From Different Mothers

Dailey & Vincent - Brothers From Different Mothers

      I will always remember the first time I heard this record on the radio.  I was not yet aware of Dailey & Vincent.  It was summertime.  I was listening to a bluegrass radio broadcast on the back porch of my home.  It struck me in a way that is powerful and rare, as only music can do.  As I reflect on it, the effect was much the same as the first time I heard a Beatles record when I was 9 years old.  This record is much more than a bluegrass record, much more than a country music record, this is world music at its essence.  There is humor in some of the songs, but there is no silliness in them.  These are songs of human experience, deeply psychological and soul stirring.  They are concerned with the things that make us uniquely human...the effects of love, longing, hard work, and hunger.  They search our memories to bring forth the joys and the clarity of our youth when we were surrounded by elders and those who cared for us and shared with us their great wisdom.

      The sound of this record is impeccable.  Dailey & Vincent have received countless awards for their work, their records shoot straight to the number one spot on the charts as soon as they are released, and they constantly appear before sold out crowds everywhere around the world.  The reason for this is that they have been blessed with clear voices that blend into perfect harmony on every song.  Their fellow artists who make up the band are as talented as they can be.  They can play their stringed instruments at lightning speed and follow with a lilting melody that at once quiets a crowd to silence.  I have personally witnessed their shows a number of times and have always walked away wanting to hear one more song.  In one conversation, I told them "for me, you all are the Lennon & McCartney of bluegrass music."  They smiled and, always humble, simply said "thank you." 

      If you have already heard this record, you already know what I am talking about.  If you are unfamiliar with it, then I suggest that you do yourself a great service by acquiring it.  There is no filler here, the most remarkable tunes being 'Years Ago' and the outstanding 'On The Other Side' with its classical music instrumentation to close the album.
Brothers From Different Mothers was released in 2009 by Universal Music.

Reviewed by Joe Kidd (
for Country Music International Magazine


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  1. Great Review oof a great album. Joe Kidd has captured the essence of this ground breaking record.