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Eileen Carey Tops All Country Music Charts

Eileen Carey’s Positive Message Tops All New Music Weekly Radio Charts and Wins Fourth Trophy in 2016, Independent Music Networks’ Crossover Artist of the Year.
Carey Looks Forward to 2017, Will Be Appearing at The Rose in Old Town Pasadena, California on January 19th
Eileen Carey, one of the hardest working woman in country music, has just come off a career year in 2016. She has won four prestigious awards; the fourth last week as the Independent Radio Network which awarded Eileen their Favorite Crossover Artist of 2016. Other awards this year include NMW’s Country Breakthrough Artist of 2016, National Hits Radio’s Favorite Female Country Artist of 2016, and the Los Angeles Music Award for Country Artist of the Year.
Carey has seen her last three singles, Faith, Bring on the big and now In The Air go to number one (#1) across the board on the New Music Weekly radio charts; country, adult contemporary and top 40, which explains her sharing the stage with a number of pop acts in Southern California, including Nelson, Carl Verheyen of Supertramp, The Guess Who and next week at The Rose in Pasadena, Tal Bachman playing the songs of Bachman Overdrive on the 19th.
“I love it!” Says Carey. “Hell of a day job,” she laughs. “Seriously though, I am blessed, no two ways about it! But I always feel the pressure of having to make a better record, put on a more compelling show and reaching more people with my message of hope. It goes with the terrain I think!”
In The Air is the newest in a series of powerful and provocative lyrical statements delivered with Carey’s distinctive vocal flair; and whether in the studio, on the road, showcasing or visiting fans and radio stations, Carey does so with remarkable energy and determination. She carries her message of positive outlook with grace and poignancy. That she is focused is an understatement.
Eileen Carey’s songs message a positive approach to life, and its ups and downs. She claims a commitment to creating the best experience she can for her fans, and a talks about a can do way of thinking for her followers and fans. Independence, self-reliance.
Deeply embedded in recording her fifth career CD with longtime producer Travis Allen Childress (Nashville Tracks), due later in 2017, In The Air is the first track off what will be Eileen’s 5th album. Partnered with TheBoot.com In The Air—the sparkling love fantasy Carey co-wrote—shot to No. 1 within weeks and the music video of In The Air, collaborated with filmmaker Taner Tumkaya received 15, 000 views in just little over a month when it was released in partnership with PopDose.com on the 17th of October.
Carey, the actress turned singer-songwriter, plans to attend this year’s Country Radio Seminar in Nashville (Feb. 23-27), as she has done before, to release the second track off her upcoming CD at the Seminar, and will be announcing performance dates in the very near future as well.
Industry folks are currently nominating Eileen for a host of awards in the New Music Weekly’s industry nominating stages of this year’s award season. Many of them are Crossover. In the Country genre that Eileen is being mentioned in are Female Country Artist of the Year and In The Air for Song of the Year.
Eileen Carey has had a banner year at Country radio and deserves your special attention when it comes to our up and coming New Music Awards. Her latest “In The Air” (Rolley Coaster) is hitting the top of the charts from Country to AC.  - Buck McCoy, Indie Country Radio, Dec 9, 2016
The nominating ballot is here: http://newmusicweekly.com/?page_id=66288

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