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Country Music News International Song of the Week - Drinking With Dolly Stephanie Quayle

Country Music News International Song of the Week

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Drinking With Dolly
Stephanie Quayle

Hello!  I’m Camo, one of the hosts of Nashville Access. This week’s pick comes from Stephanie Quayle.  Stephanie is a Montana native, who has been in Nashville for a little over six years, and is now starting to make a real impact with her latest single, “Drinking With Dolly." 

Stephanie says that last year was “monumental.”  “Drinking With Dolly,” she feels has become her “tipping point” and could very well be one of those “signature songs.”  Written by Victoria Banks and Rachel Proctor wrote the song, and it’s a real tribute to the women of country music.  Stephanie says that her career now is “really beyond” what she dreamed of as a child.  She never knew that she’d be connecting with her fans like she does (her fans are known as “The Flock of Quayle), and that her songs are like little three-and-a-half minute movies.
“Drinking With Dolly” grabbed our attention and we hope it grabs yours too!  It’s a solid country song, name-checking Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, the Opry and other country music icons.
2017 looks to be another big year for Stephanie, with new music to come, touring, CMA Music Festival, ACM’s and more.  Make sure you check out “Drinking With Dolly” by Stephanie Quayle.  Enjoy!
 Have a great week—and thanks for reading!   

—Camo for Country Music News International

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