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CD Review: TERRY SMITH - Lift Up Your Voice And Sing

Lift Up Your Voice And Sing
 Lift Up Your Voice And Sing - What Manner of Man Is This? - Cattle On A Thousand Hills - Waiting For The King To Come - You Can't Stop A Hurricane - The Word Sure Gets around - I've Got Family There - Tougher Than Nails - Jesus Is The Answer - Waiting For The Fly-Away Day - Man Born Of Woman - Open Up The Skies - O Grave Where Is Thy Victory? - Sown In Weakness, Raised In Power

I've been a very long-time fan of Terry Smith, ever since I first heard Johnny and June Carter Cash singing Terry's song "The Far Side Banks of Jordan."  I believe I was the first promoter to bring Terry into the upper Midwest. That was a long time ago, and he's still coming to our rural folks to share his tremendous music.  Terry Smith is a very gifted man with words.  He's a poet of course, but more importantly he uses this 'gift' to share with precious words and ideas the wonderful world of Jesus Christ and what the universe is to be, knowing that the life we live here on planet earth is not really our home.  Terry goes to the best studios in Nashville, and uses the very best musicians available, and he continually uses the original classic and traditional country music style to present his wonderful teaching.  In Terry's words, "this album is the majesty and sovereignty of God and the weakness and nothingness of man."  He goes on to tell us, "poor, weak, and worthless though I am, I have a rich, almighty friend.  Jesus paid it all, all the debt I owe."  These are quotes from other friends, but the bottom line is all Terry's - "Boy, am I glad of that!" A thoroughly pleasant listening experience, for me to hear this exhilarating testimony just before Christmas is quite a memorable 2016 musical wonder.  There's something about Terry Smith that makes him a true Apostle of Christ, maybe it's his honesty, his sincerity, his honesty, his almost complete lack of an ego.  It sure does make a difference in the man he is.  I really like the musicians in this adventure, all of it engineered by Steve Chandler.  Bruce Watkins on acoustic guitar and banjo, Doug Jernigan on steel guitar and dobro (he's exceptional on the dobro, incredibly moving); Gary Prim on keyboards;  Kelly Black on electric guitar; Larry Franklin on fiddle and mandolin (he too is another exceptional musician thoroughly tuned in to the wonderful music of Terry Smith); Mark Fain on bass (again another thoroughly gospel oriented player, he never uses the bass as a 'lead' instrument which is thoroughly delightful); Eddy Anderson is on the drums, and he too plays behind the singer not in front of him.  This also means the 'mix' was done to perfection thanks to Randy and Chad King.  A thoroughly enjoyable experience listening to this incredible 'real' country music artist.  I thank the Lord Jesus Christ every day for the privilege of knowing and loving people like Terry Smith. This album should be at the top of every music chart on planet earth, but knowing the 'way' of errant humans I pretty much think that probably won't happen...BUT, it's at the top of my chart, and guess what,  it's also at the 'top of the chart' of Jesus Christ.  If you have never experienced the 'wonder' of Jesus Christ, you need to find this album. Listen to it.  Not a little bit of it, all of it.  Listen to this great poet 'explain' the wonder of Christ in words you can easily understand. Expect something.  Yes, expect something.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - President, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International

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