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CD Review: TERRY ROBBINS - New Memories

New Memories
New Memories - Next To You - You've Been Gone So Long - You're Giving Me Every Reason - Since You've Gone - Broken Heart Mender - So Easy To Love You - I Love Every Day - Sittin' In A Broken Home - Short Cuts - You Wanted To Be Free - It Doesn't Feel Like Home - Where Love Left Off - I'm Getting Up - Introduction to the Merle Haggard Tribute - Working Man Blues - Long Black Limousine - Somewhere Between - Ramblin' Fever

Terry Robbins is a good friend of mine.  He makes his home in Alabama, and like one of his previous songwriters who also grew up in Alabama, Hank Williams Sr., Terry is that kind of songwriter, that kind of idea maker, that kind of country lover, that kind of recording artist.  He was at our Fremont (Nebraska) Festival in 2016, and was an instant hit, not only totally with the musicians, but totally with the audience.  This CD is a remarkable 'new' version of classic and traditional country music.  In "You've Been Gone So Long" he goes right back to a neighbor Mississippian, Jimmie Rodgers to create a remarkable up-dated version of the Rodger's blues style.  Oh it is so good! The fiddle doing the 'train' and the steel doing the 'rain' is incredible. A yodel is generously contributed at the end, just to make it right.  Terry is also a 'poet' of the romantic kind, and he's written a number of songs on this CD alluding to a strong 'loving' relationship with the woman he loves.  One line says 'I'm wondering if my heart is true?"  Of course it is.  Right to the heart, just like it used to be before 'country' music turned into an unrecognizable hip-hop rap genre.  It's all  here in 19 terrific songs.  Terry wrote them all except the last four which are Haggard's, and a super good rendition it is by Terry.  Terry Robbins doesn't 'need' to sound like some one else, he stands alone.  His Haggard is terrific, but so is his George Jones on a song like "You're Giving Me Every Reason."  NOT George Jones, but a very similar song singing style. He's even got a little Buck Owens 'style' on "Broken Heart Mender."  Terry doesn't 'imitate' any of these song-makers, it's just him, it's his style, it's all his.  We even get a good truck driving song in the C W McCall style with "I'm Getting Up."  Terrific piano on his Haggard songs, especially "Working Man Blues."  For our tastes in the upper Midwest, Terry Robbins is truly a classic traditional 'real' country writer and singer.  Perhaps he'll save it for us, and the many of the new generations that have never heard it.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - President, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International

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