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CD Review: Steven Tyler- We're All Somebody From Somewhere

Steven Tyler- We're All Somebody From Somewhere

The legendary 68 year old "The Demon of Screamin'", also known as Steven Tyler, and the lead singer of Aerosmith for the last 46 years, released his first solo album, "WE'RE ALL SOMEBODY FROM SOMEWHERE", in July of this year. The album debuted in at #1 on the Billboard's Top Country Music albums chart earning him 17,000 copies sold in it's first week alone! Known for his high screams and vocal range, this Boston based rock icon, and his trademark scarves hanging from his microphone stand on stage, is one of rock music's greatest showmen with 13 Top 40 singles, and he's listed as Rolling Stone's 100 Top Greatest singers. The son of a music teacher, Tyler learned to play drums at an early age but soon realized he wanted to sing instead. The remake of "Walk This Way" in 1986 with Run-DMC was a Top 5 hit song. His vocals and songwriting prowess has earned him a #3 spot on Hit Paraders Top 100 Metal Vocalists of all time. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001. The list of hit songs such as "(It) Feels So Good", "Crazy", and "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", and other hit songs, has earned Tyler many credits to his name over the years. He joined his band member and songwriting partner, Joe Perry, on stage in 2013, both receiving the ASCAP Founders Award and inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame. The New York rocker best known for his hard rock, heavy metal and blues rock released his first ever country rock music album, featuring 15 titled tracks, "WE'RE ALL SOMEBODY FROM SOMEWHERE",  just this year.

"My Own Worst Enemy" is track one of the country music album. Have you ever wanted to blame everyone and everything for anything that has gone wrong in your life? I know I have, and I'm not proud of it, but with age comes wisdom, or so they say.  The simple lyrics of this song gets down to the heart of the matter... "I could blame Jesus, Mama, Bohama, Seagram's, the whiskey. Midnight, bad decisions, blurry vision, what I didn't see. I say it ain't you, its me. What could be would never be. But I was wrong, what's wrong with me? I'm 'MY OWN WORST ENEMY'". Haven't we all been our own worst enemy at times by not accepting the truth seen right before our own eyes? I will admit I've been guilty a time or two myself.

The second tract and the title track for the album is "WE'RE ALL SOMEBODY FROM SOMEWHERE". I love this song, especially this line "... filet mignon to blackeyed peas, and cornbread.....Damn I love that stuff!". From one end of America, and town to town, we're all, "...some Mama's, some daddy's, some love in the air. Some big, some little, some left, some right, some in the middle. Some white, yellow, black or red,  "WE'RE ALL SOMEBODY FROM SOMEWHERE".

"Hold On (I Won't Let Go)" is the third tract on the album. Upon first hearing this song I immediately had visions of the old television sitcom, GUNSMOKE, or a cowboy movie gone bad with lyrics of "pissed off, gone rock you, roll you, ....HOLD ON (WON'T LET GO). I have to admit though, Steven Tyler is still a rock and roll badass whether he's singing rock, blues, or country music.

Tract four, "It Ain't Easy", started off with an intro what sounds like a ukelele...I was pleasantly surprised with this song and making it one of my favorites on the album thus far! Nothing is ever easy about being alone, ever. It can be a very sad existence when facing life and all it's mysteries all alone. "Its a lonely street I walk, and my soul's all alone. Here comes the fear, when you're out here on your own. And everything you love is gone. 'IT AIN'T EASY' when you're out there searching trying to find the one. Yeah, 'IT AIN'T EASY' looking for the hand that holds a smoking gun. Its like trying to squeeze a drop of rain out of the sun. No, 'IT AIN'T EASY' for no one". No, its never easy, but sometimes you have no choice but to choose all alone, because some times that's all you know.

"Love Is Your Name", the fifth tract, was the first single of this album to be released last year back in May 2015. With Tyler's debut into country music and his first "country rock"' album ever, the music is ever changing from song to song. We've all been guilty of looking for love in all the wrong places, I think, but when we're searching for that special LOVE, the One, we would do anything to keep it. "I've been waiting for so long.... I walk through the fire, I run through the rain. I'll wait for forever, if "LOVE IS YOUR NAME".

This next one, "I Make My Own Sunshine" and track six, is another of my favorites from this album, and I do love these uplifting lyrics for the promise of a beautiful day, no matter what comes my way! "Everything is wonderful, everything is great, and I'm as free as a bird outside my window pane. Got a fresh new start, its a brand new day, and I've got lots of love to give away. It don't matter if its raining, nothing can faze me.. 'I MAKE MY OWN SUNSHINE'. '....I say let's make a rainbow, look for a pot of gold.' 'If you think you can break me, Baby you're crazy. I MAKE MY OWN SUNSHINE'". I think this will be my new morning mantra to start my every single day from now on!

Being a gypsy girl myself, track seven, "Gypsy Girl" is another of my favorites! I love the open road; to travel, to be free, to see all that I can see, and chasing my dreams...that's just me: that's who I am, so these lyrics strike a chord deep inside of me. "I remember the leaves were gone; burning embers make for sweeter songs. I can see the two of us living on dreams and dust. Loving you was so unreal that... I remember she was just a 'GYPSY GIRL' I was just a chance she should take. Trying to belong, somehow we made it home. Love was like a string of pearls, while I waited for the strand to break... From a thousand miles away. From a thousand miles away". This song even reminds me of a past love gone wrong; I guess burning embers sometimes do make for sweeter songs?

"Somebody New", the eighth track, is about that love that actually did go wrong some where along the way. We have all experienced it; the hurt, the pain, tyring to be somebody new while trying to get over him or her. "The grass is greener on the other side; sweeter Honey, when you was mine. That's love long gone. I'm somebody who... doesn't laugh like I did with you. I'm just a rolling stone; life of the party. I don't want to go home with 'SOMEBODY NEW'.

Some have found the One; that perfect love, the answer to all their prayers. A love that is Heaven sent; a miracle that will forever change their lives. Track number nine, "Only Heaven" gives hope to those of us still waiting for a little bit of Heaven to come our way. "More than a miracle, an answer to a prayer, you had a broken heart in need of much repair. 'ONLY HEAVEN' could lead you in my arms. 'ONLY HEAVEN' could have brought us where we are. Girl its Heaven when I'm lying in your bed, cause nothing compares to the taste of your lips. 'ONLY HEAVEN' could ever feel like this. 'ONLY HEAVEN'".

"'THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY & ME', in fact, you get what you see" is a little bit of whats inside of us all, I think. Track ten is typical Steven Tyler music and his signature savvy style of songwriting. Dont we all have a few sides of the coin inside of us all? The flip of a coin; the balance of the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly, but isn't it all a part of just being (me)?

The single, "Red, White, & You", track eleven, was released back in January of this year, 2016. This one, like most songs that include my home state of Georgia in the lyrics, is very near and dear to my heart! It takes me back in time to Tom Petty on the radio, marching in the Macon County HS band playing the bass drum, and rocking out to some " Born In The USA" with friends; it's a little slice of the American pie. "Bang, Bang baby like 4th of July, lightening strikes in the midnight sky. I don't give a damn about the summer time blues, all I need is 'RED, WHITE & YOU'".

"Sweet Louisiana", the twelfth tract of fifteen, is about that girl, or woman, from the heart of Cajun country. That sassy, voodoo woman; devil child, "so badass it must be so cool to be you. 'SWEET LOUISIANA'". Great song and makes me wish I was from Louisiana....maybe! Lol

Number thirteen, "What Am I Doing Right", is the epic high you feel when everything in your world is going right; when nothing or no one can stop you or bring you down. When love is perfect and you have finally found the One who makes your world go 'round. With song lyrics, "I'm rotten to the core, but you're hangin' with me more. Worth the wait like desert rain, I light up when you say my name. Its time to change the road I'm on, I've lost at love for so damn long. Tell me what it is I'm doin' right, cause I don't wanna mes this up tonight. It's like I can't do anything wrong. I ain't even trying and she just turned down the lights. 'WHAT AM I DOING RIGHT. WHAT AM I DOING RIGHT'? Waitin' on the other shoe to drop. Thinkin' I'm thinkin' this is something that its not. You're as true as the words in red. You're the promise Mama said. Like a prayer nailed to a door, I guess I never prayed before. Tell me what it is I'm doing right, cause I don't wanna mess this up tonight. 'WHAT AM I DOING RIGHT? WHAT AM I DOING RIGHT?', hits home and resonates true when all is right with the One who holds you as #1 in their heart.

"JANIE'S GOT A GUN", is number fourteen, and a slower remake of Tyler's original, and also his donation campaign #JaniesGotaFund signature song. #JaniesGotaFund was started by Tyler November 17, 2015, and they just celebrated an entire year of helping girls and women heal after abuse! The cause teaches prevention, offers protection and support around the world, and speaks out for those of us who have been a victim of sexual abuse at another's hurtful hands. Many millions of girls and women are victimized every year. Many will not speak out for fear of being condemned, or for future threats of abuse by those same hurtful hands. #JaniesGotaFund just earned Steven Tyler the 2016 Humanitarian Award at the United Nations Headquarters; a small loving gesture that has gone viral worldwide for girls and women alike.  Check #JaniesGotaFund out for yourself at www.janiesfund.org; donate what you can...even time spent holding a hand, a HUG, ensuring they know its not the childs fault, and loving words of support go a long way to hurting heart and healing soul. If you suspect any child as a victim of sexual abuse or neglect, please contact local authorities or call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at (1-800-422-4453). 1-5 girls are sexually abused as a child. Together we can make a difference in many lives of children across the world.

Lastly, I love Tyler's slowed down remake of "PIECE OF MY HEART", which is the last track on his country rock album, and the perfect ending to his sensational Country Music debut album! "WE'RE ALL SOMEBODY FROM SOMEWHERE" is a true testimony of  Steven Tylers kind and loving heart, and an awesome labor of love for everyone everywhere!

To tell you the truth, when I heard a couple of years ago that Steven Tyler was "going country" to produce an album, I was very skeptical about how he would ever pull it off; especially being known for his nickname, "The Demon of Screamin'" and having the heavy metal rocker status. At 68 years old, Tyler still has it going on at home and around the world today; and to prove it, he will be touring Europe with Aerosmith in 2017 on the #AeroVederci EuropeanTour. Get your tickets now because I'm sure he will have entirely sellout concerts everywhers across this Third Rock from the sun!
Y'all have a great new week! This is Penney...over and out!

Cc: Penney Holley, Country Music News International, December 10, 2016

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