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CD Review: RON DUPUY - Songs I Wrote

Songs I Wrote
Ain't Gonna Do It No More - Never The Hammer - Can't Write A Country Song - I'd Like To Play More Bluegrass - Don't Turn Around - God Answers Every Prayer - Guess You Changed Your Mind - Blue Grass In Heaven - Living Together Alone - Chicken Inn Song - Nobody Likes My Kind Of Music - Those Old Gospel Songs

Ron Dupuy is a Creston, Iowa writer of great country songs.  One of the best country songs on this album of all 'originals' is "Can't Write A Co,untry Song."  It sure is a great picture of what's happening today in commercial county music. Ron is also a great vocalist, his voice is just right for the songs he is writing and recording.  He learned to sing from his mother and four sisters.  They taught him well.  His voice sounds much younger than he actually is, which makes my observations in the business of country music still true.  Even if you are an older performer, picker, vocalist, or writer, there has always been a 'place' in country music for you, an open door.  Today that isn't quite true, especially in Nashville where it is a closed door society now.  Not so in our upper Midwest.  We see Ron performing quite frequently, and his talent is apparent in this great CD.  Every one of these songs are really good 'true' country creations.  Certainly not the hodge-podge of 'made-for-profit' creations coming from Nashville.  This is the real deal, this is writing of the very best, from experience, from the heart, from the soul.  I've only had the opportunity of hearing Ron perform a couple of times, and they have always been a very nice experience.  I would hope to hear him more often, as a matter of fact we are going to open up some 'time' on our Oak Tree shows in Anita, Iowa, by inviting songwriters to come do a couple of their original songs for us.  On every show if there are enough songwriters to go around.  Another plus on this album is the mix done at Gould Studios.  Phil Gould the mover and shaker behind the studio has a great ear for country music, the placement of the instrumentation, and the instrumentation itself, using all the 'right' instruments to not only uphold the song, but push it forward, bringing Ron's voice to the exact middle spot it should be.  The instruments chosen for the backing all sound great, and the instrumentation itself is exceedingly well done.  I really like the lead guitar on "Chicken Inn Song." I believe Ron plays an acoustic rhythm guitar, and it too is right out front, right behind his voice exactly where it should be.  There's also a couple of songs that relate to 'bluegrass' but bluegrass it isn't, not fast enough for one thing, but it's story songs 'about' bluegrass, not bluegrass itself.  This CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their listening pleasure.  This CD is a reflection of where good 'real' country music is holding forth in the upper Midwest.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - President, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International

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