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CD Review: Brittany Bexton – Free Fall

Brittany Bexton – Free Fall
Five-Song EP:
Free Fall, Miss Me, Beggin’ Time, Just Crazy Enough, You Move Me

Brittany Bexton who was born and raised in California, took to singing at a young age and made her way to Nashville to expand her singing career.  She is flourishing and building her name in the music city where the country’s biggest sensations reside.  She began performing at Nashville’s CMA Fest for consecutive years.  Doing that important event plus having the tour increased her fan base.  Brittany Bexton continues to contribute treasures to the country music scene.  “Free Fall” is written by Brittany along with Drew Johnson.  It’s a foot-stomping, bluesy and country sound.  There are two hooks in this single which is catchy.  The drums and the sexy opening guitar riffs are so identifiable as the powerful chorus and it kicks in at 23 seconds.  

Maybe there’s one person you never really get over.  “Miss Me” deliver’s the groundbreaking news of losing control of emotions.  It’s hauntingly beautiful and pulls at a question that is so worth asking: “Do you miss me when it’s time to rest and the pillows are the only place to lay your head. ……I hope you miss me when it’s time to rest and the pillows are the only place to lay your head. “  This song slows things down for us.  Light beats and glowing guitar back Brittany as she wishes and hopes to be with the one she loves.  She’s showcasing her incredible vocal ability in this nice downtempo tune.  It’s best suited for her voice. 

“Just Crazy Enough” deploys spidery acoustic guitar and country low-end blurps.  The song has thought-provoking lines of chasing a dream.  It’s a beautiful part of life that often comes strolling hand-in-hand with uncertainties and fear.  When it comes to love, we gotta take the risk, live it up, tear down the walls.  Don’t be afraid to love, but take the leap of faith and be crazy in love. 

“You Move Me” has a significant buzz for the lines that go, “From the top of my head, to the tips of my toes, you move me completely, body, mind and soul. There’s no place in my heart that your love cannot reach, you move me.”  Brittany Bexton wrote this one with Jeffrey East.   

Britanny Bexton’s music style is refreshing, her beautiful, clear voice, purposeful lyrics and catchy tunes captivate and draw listeners to the story, her passion for music and her performance.  “I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more from this talented singer.
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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  1. I just love my dear Friend Brittany Bexton. She is one of the sweetest and nicest people you vould ever meet. Her somg Free Fall is Awesome andvthe video to this song is Amazing. She is truly talented. Love ya Brittany!!