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CD Review: American Young - American Young

American Young
American Young is grabbing the listeners attention with their songs
Wasn’t Gonna Drink Tonight, Aint Looking for Love, God Sends a Train, Love Is War, Soldier’s Wife (Don’t Want You To Go)

American Young marks the creative artist statement for the duo Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone.  It’s not just an expression of creativity.  It goes deeper than that.  It’s their commitment and integrity and it stems from the authority with which they write and express themselves.  Both are seasoned musicians, song-writers and entertainers.  Their musical chemistry was evident the moment they formed American Young.  Before signing to Curb Records and working together, Osmunson was with a band named Bomshel while Stone took center stage as solo act, song writer and producer . Together they created songs about the beauty of falling in love and dealing with the difficult phases of a relationship. The duo take the fiddle, guitar combination to a whole new level as they expand the boundaries of country music.

Cutting communication after a breakup is necessary to heal and move on, but there are things so difficult to control.  “Wasn’t Gonna Drink Tonight” delves into seeing an ex and actually bringing back old feelings.  It is a sad song in which Osmunson plays eloquently a very nice violin part. “Wasn’t Gonna Drink Tonight” is Jon Stone’s collaboration with Lee Brice and Billy Montana.  The melody of the violin and guitar in “Ain’t Looking For Love”  reverberated richly in my ears burying a great sound.  The freshness of the tune is combined with verve and a touch of impatience lyric wise which gives a lively and sparkling sound.  The duo’s voice blending, interwoven with excellent violin’ and guitar’s soulful tune is enchanting.  “God Sends a Train” strikes an emotional chord.  Kristy Osmunson blew me away with her deeply personal track as she looked inward and wrote a song about her relationship with her mother.  She sings with vulnerability and defiance, complemented by drum loops.  She captures just the right tone in this dark song, but found healing as she sings and shares about her difficult childhood memory.  The sentiment was genuine.  As the song goes, “Cause sometimes God sends a whisper carried in on the rain and when we don’t wanna listen, sometimes God sends a train.  The message is loud and clear, we need to re-evaluate life and position our hearts to hear God’s still and small voice.  The down-tempo “Love Is War” is all about the complications of love, something that isn’t easy to handle.  “Soldier’s Wife (Don’t Want You To Go)” starts off with a lovely digital piano and drum beat.  It details the feelings of the soldier’s wife when he goes off to war.  The raw emotion of the lyric makes it an expression of sacrifice and struggle seeping through you.  The drums speak of complex ways and war fields while the piano brings out fear of being left alone.  The duo American Young showcases the capabilities of their voices.  Lyrics surrounds their soaring harmonies with enticing fiddle, shimmering guitar and lush drum sound bringing nice melody blends.  They continued to write catchy and passionate style country music to further their impressive songwriting and expand their repertoire.
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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