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Interview with Sister Sadie

Sister Sadie  ---  12 Pack

1.     What CD is in your player now?
Beth Lawrence: Kevin Denney’s new album Somewhere In Between
Dale Ann Bradley: Jim Croce
Deanie Richardson: I don't have a CD player but I pretty much listen to 650 Am WSM and Bluegrass Junction on Sirius Xm
Gena Britt: Tony Rice & John Hartford
Tina Adair: Chris Stapleton (Traveller)

2.     Please finish this sentence; "If I was president… (EDITOR’s NOTE: This was not intended as a political question, but a question to see artist’s vision)
Beth Lawrence: I wouldn’t want to be president unless I HAD to be.
Dale Ann Bradley: I would encourage regular community meetings, hire more social workers to address homelessness, child and elderly abuse, bring jobs to Appalachia and all areas in desperate need of them. Address Native American issues. Assist ,(not police the world), countries that are fighting terrorism so that they may be strong on their own. Keep working to make health care affordable and available to every citizen in need. Education must be encouraged and affordable. Tell the truth, pretty or ugly.
Deanie Richardson: I wouldn't want that job
Gena Britt: Prefer not to answer (but I agree with Deanie)
Tina Adair: I'd be a good one ! (Kidding ... I don't really know how to answer that one ... That's a tough one and I don't care to share anything revolving around politics publicly)

3.     If you could wake up in the body of someone else, who would it be - for a day?
Beth Lawrence: That is a hard one. I was going to say my favorite singer but it would be my brain and their body so I’m not sure that would work. It would be fun to wake up in the body of Simone Biles for a day.
Dale Ann Bradley: Hopefully, my own.
Deanie Richardson: I'd wake up still me but 20 years ago knowing what I know now.  I'd do some things differently.
Gena Britt: Wow, I have no idea. Maybe my pre-teen daughter so I knew what she was thinking. Haha!
Tina Adair: Actually I would wake up myself at 16 years old again when I signed my first record deal knowing the things I know now..... And I would have done a LOT of things differently.

4.     If you were to be left on a deserted island for one year and you pick three people to be there with you (living, dead, or fictional) and couldn't pick any member of your family, whom would you pick?
Beth Lawrence: Paul Bunyan, Sherlock Holmes, and my best friend
Dale Ann Bradley: The Beatles
Deanie Richardson: Patty Loveless-she's just the most genuine person I've ever known and I couldn't live without that voice.  Melissa McCarthy-she is funny as hell and I'm sure we'd need some humor in the situation.  Bear Grylls- we'd need to survive for two years on an island.  Bear would come in super handy with that.
Gena Britt: Keith Whitley to sing to me, Beth Lawrence to make me laugh & MacGuyver to protect me. (By the way, that's a hard choice since you can't choose family)
Tina Adair: hmmmm ...I'll get back to ya on this one ...

5.     What is your life's greatest gift?  
Beth Lawrence: My family 
Dale Ann Bradley: My family
Deanie Richardson: Right at this minute, that would be my Granddaughter, Meadow Rose
Gena Britt: My two daughters, Jalyn & Dalsyn
Tina Adair: Music

      6.  If you could dinner with ‘The King of Rock and Roll (Elvis) or The King of Country (George Strait) which one would chose and why?
Beth Lawrence: Elvis. He would definitely be entertaining and probably order really good food.
Dale Ann Bradley: Elvis
Deanie Richardson: Elvis!! I was and still am a huge Elvis fan.  I'd love to see what he was like as a person. 
Gena Britt: That's easy. Elvis!! I'd wanna share a peanut butter & banana sandwich with him and hear all his road stories.
Tina Adair: Elvis

    7.  Please finish sentence; "I would have loved to been there in music history when... 
Beth Lawrence: When all of the early recording was beginning to boom in Nashville. I would love to have been a fly on the wall.
Dale Ann Bradley: Woodstock (I was little when it happened)
Deanie Richardson: country music was country!  Conway and Loretta, George was still married to Tammy, Dottie West and Jeannie Seely where hanging out.  The Opry members went to Tootsies after the Opry when it was still at the Ryman.  Patsy Cline was still alive.  Bill Monroe getting started.  All those times intrigue me and I'd like to go be a part of those times.
Gena Britt: pretty much the same as above, with the addition of Merle Haggard
Tina Adair:  I would have loved to have been alive to see such greats as Elvis, Patsy Cline, Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli perform. I have a list a mile long but those are some that are at the top of the list.

    8.  Name three things outside food, clothing and shelter you would like to be stranded with on a deserted island?
Beth Lawrence: Music, bug spray, and a friend
Dale Ann Bradley: Guitar, paper and pencil
Deanie Richardson:  My fiddle, a guitar, my iTunes library
Gena Britt: Guitar, Pictures of my loved ones, Patience
Tina Adair: somebody, my guitar, my mandolin ... Oh (my tweezers) ... Sorry that's four. :)

9.  If the whole world and everything in it had to be painted one color and you got to pick the color, what color would you choose?
Beth Lawrence: Green. It’s the color the human eye can see the most shades in.
Dale Ann Bradley: Blue
Deanie Richardson: royal blue
Gena Britt: Turquoise
Tina Adair:  Purple

10.  Who is your dream duet partner?
Beth Lawrence: Randy Travis, if that is the only way I can hear him sing right in front of me. I’d sing really soft and enjoy hearing him.
Dale Ann Bradley: Vince Gill
Deanie Richardson: well I'm not a singer but I'd love to play with Bonnie Raitt at some point
Gena Britt: Keith Whitley
Tina Adair: Bonnie Raitt

     11.   If you could have written one song in any genre, what would it be?
Beth Lawrence: Old Violin
Dale Ann Bradley: “Sounds of Silence”
Deanie Richardson: Till I Gain Control Again
Gena Britt: I Will Always Love You
Tina Adair: “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

     12.   If price were no object, what would you like for your next birthday?

Beth Lawrence: Someone to give me a resort and enough money and staff it to run so that me and my friends could live and make music with no worries.
Dale Ann Bradley: A pre-war Martin Guitar, D-18
Deanie Richardson: to record a record with an endless budget
Gena Britt: Somebody to clean my house and do my laundry
Tina Adair: A brand spanking new house

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 Preshias Harris for Country Music News International

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