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CD Review: Ruthie Collins - Ramblin’ Man

Ruthie Collins
Heartstrong, Ramblin’ Man, Get Drunk and Cry, Ready to Roll, Trainwreckin’,  Vintage

Ruthie Collins has established her own diverse musical style that reflects her genealogy.  She has been developing her gift in music intertwining her songs with a diversity of genres.  Her music is a blend of traditional country all the way to pop and electronic with a wide range of instruments. She incorporates corners of banjo, mandolin, steel guitar, acoustic guitar, violin with drum loops that really ends up being catchy as well as enjoyable. All these play a role in her music to create a compelling sound.  She has the voice to match her songs and she resonates with cool. The country singer added some newfound rhythm and soul to her songs. She has clearly hit her stride both as a song-writer, banjo player and guitarist.

Her debu EP “Ramblin’ Man” started out as an idea during a writing session. It has a mixture of country, dubstep and electro-pop in it.  It’s like giving the country song a modern twist. The richness of the blue grass instruments and the drum loops are meant to give modern flow to the single. It’s a classic song by Hank Williams which tells the story of a man who likes to be out on the open road.  “Heartstrong”  lyric is more personal and introspective. It’s a nice reflection of not letting your spirit break and pull you down. Listening to it will move you to be strong and determined in weathering all the storms and inspire you to hold on and reach out for your dream.   If you’re figuring out what to do when you run into an ex, well, it’s not easy to listen to “Get Drunk and Cry” song, it will make you feel worse. It’s true that having to see a person you used to love can actually hurt you, but drinking and hiding are not the solution.  You can be a winning person if you try to keep calm, cool, pull yourself together even though you’re nervous and deal with it head-on. “Ready to Roll” is like a straight pop being married to the voice of Colbie Caillat.  It’s dreamy and delightful rolled into one.  The catchy beat is powerful and the melody carries her charming voice. “Vintage” is the last track and the highlight of the EP.  It’s the love of all things vintage and trying to keep those relevant in the modern age, keeping home, life and work close to us. The song goes, “Vintage, timeless…Collecting stories till it’s priceless. And your kiss is brand new but I wanna love you till our love is vintage.” I find this chilled-out song nice and pleasant to sing along to.  I think Ruthie has a great talent in mixing multiple genres and still create diverse and beautiful songs. I hope all her future songs will not only be good in quality, but also send great messages.  It will be fascinating to see how her career progresses.
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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