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CD Review: Adam Searan - Adam Searan

Searan is grabbing everyone’s attention with his songs:
Last, I’m Game, Little Old Man, Hourglass, Every Beat, Bob Marlely, Real Woman

Adam Searan is a relatively new addition to the country music industry. Co-publishers Jon D’Agostino and Abbe Nameche discovered him. He’s greatly inspired by James Taylor, Oasis, Ben Harper and a lot more. Due to his church upbringing, his first foray into music is in contemporary country and Christian.  He writes about life, his faith in God, relationships, how to deal with difficult situations in life and wraps those stories in engaging and captivating melodies.  He’s creating something beautiful from his soul and heart that underscores the emotions in words.  The resulting songs are vibrant country, pop and rock anthem that exudes hope and celebrates the victory of God’s amazing love and power plus the human spirit.  His reflective songs and uplifting melodies have distinct wonderful effect on the listeners.  It comes from his faith.  He has been known to worship lead for a many churches.  He has gone where few other Worship Leaders have- into recording the contemporary country music to let the light of God shine to the people.  These fresh, new sounds that are being released in new ways inspire a lot of us like no other. 
I dove into Adam Searan’s music “Last” which he co-wrote with Jon D’Agostino. In some part, it was like hearing Simon and Garfunkel type of song.  The musical style blends country with a twist of folk rock. The song tells about the major seasons of life.  Each has a beauty and power of its own.  The song is about keeping the right season in our hearts no matter what the outside season is.  It also reminds us that love still remains and brings a brand new day.  “Im Game” starts out fast and has a set of jigs that gets wonderfully intricate from there to “Hourglass”.  It alternates between swaying and singing along these lines, “You tip over my hourglass.  It’s like the world stop spinning.”  This one will melt your heart and be mesmerized with his voice and connection with the music.  First part of “Every Beat” reminds me of Taylor Swift’s “22” tune.  This song carries a beautiful message that no matter how down you feel, there is still some hope left when you hear this song. “Real Woman” is all about a hale and hearty rock star Mama who is prayerful, sweet and groovy.  There is something about the sweeping pitch of the electric guitar and the drum loops that never fail to tweak your rhythm and somehow make you feel like snapping your fingers and stamping your foot as you feel the beat. It really takes an inspiring and moving song that lifts our hopes up when nothing else seems to be able. It’s nice to find Adam Searan outside the box.  He never disappoints when it comes to his creative style and his lyrics are further proof. He is so worthy of a close attention. His songs will make life better for you and everyone around you.  His songs give strength to the weary and hope for the hopeless. 
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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