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Lenny Cooper Keep It So Country

Lenny Cooper, Announces 4th Studio Album, “Dirtified” 
Wheels Deep Premieres Video “Keep It So Country” Today

NASHVILLE, TN (October 4, 2016) – The original Mud Digger King himself, Lenny Cooper, is gearing up for the upcoming release of his fourth studio album, Dirtified, via Average Joes Entertainment due out October 28, 2016. Pre-order the album now and instantly receive the lead single from the project, “Keep It So Country,” featuring fellow artist, Young Gunner. Simultaneously, Wheels Deep premieres today the video for, “Keep It So Country.” Filmed in Nashville, TN and produced by Shannon Houchins, the video can be viewed here.
"I’m very excited about this album,” states Cooper. “Not only did I try to incorporate all parts of my life into it, but I also brought in my friends, family, and the true meaning of country living! I'm Dirtified!”
Fans will immediately recognize the rock-bouncing beats and the heart-pounding lyrics on Dirtified. Touting a “work hard, play hard creed,” Lenny’s music is authentic to anyone who’s used their callused hands to help build this great country, and to guide the gearshift of their jacked-up truck at play in the woods. 
Returning to the studio with Jared and KO of Phivestarr Productions, Average Joes Entertainment’s Noah Gordon, as well as, ‘Lil Round from Kentucky-based duo, Twang and Round, Lenny takes fans to some familiar haunts while finding a new path to get there. From the lead single, “Keep It So Country,” featuring Young Gunner, to “Sound Of The Woods,” featuring label-mate Charlie Farley, to the title track, “Dirtified,” fans get a new take on familiar themes: hard work, big trucks, and letting loose with your friends. 
Track Listing for Dirtified
1 - Dirtified 
2 - Sing Along Song feat./Noah Gordon
3 - Sound Of The Woods feat./Charlie Farley
4 - Dirty Girl feat./Sarah Ross and Young Gunner
5 - Buck Wild
6 - Keep It So Country feat./Young Gunner
7 - Bonfire feat./Dustin Rhodes
8 – Chillin’ In The Back Woods
9 – Day In The Life
10 - My Roots
11 - We Don’t Give A...feat./Demun Jones
About Lenny Cooper
Exploding on the scene as the godfather of the highly successful “Mud Digger” compilation series selling over 350,000 total units, Cooper has been featured in major media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.  Since his last album, The Grind, his social media statistics have increased massively; a 750% growth in likes, follows and email subscribers has earned him hundreds of thousands of fans on social media. His Pandora plays exceed 100 million streams.  The original track, “Mud Digger,” has scored over 15 million views on YouTube in its various variations, as well.  His fourth studio album, Dirtified, will be available October 28, 2016.  www.lennycoopermusic.com 

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