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CD Review: ROSE SOPHIOS - He Set The Captives Free

He Set The Captives Free
Come Into My Garden - Guard Your Heart - He's The Only One - He Set The Captives Free - I Found Jesus - I Love You Jesus - Love Song To Jesus - Take Me Up - Tanami Moon - Touch Me By Your Spirit
Rose Sophios is an Australian country singer who lives in Queensland.  I've had some of her CDs to review in the past, and they've always been very good examples of a songwriter with a beautiful voice who has a very close relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is another of her lovely presentations that emphasizes her strong desire to share her music, thoughts, and love for Christ.  Her husband, Vic Sophios wrote a number of the songs on this selection.  He is no longer with us, but Rose makes him very real and very alive as she performs the songs he wrote.  I have several CD's from Australian artists that were forwarded to me by Michal T. Wall, a Canadian who is also a performer of traditional and classic country music, and is very popular in Australia.  I thank him for bringing the music of Rose Sophios to my attention.  She is a very dedicated and gifted artist, in the recording studio, in the songwriting studio, in the vocalizing studio, and certainly in the Gospel studio.  Her brother-in-law, John Sophios put this album together, his mix and studio work is extremely well done.  Musicians included John on bass and lead guitar; Doolley Zantis on keyboard; and Rose Sophios on acoustic rhythm guitar and keyboard.  Nice project extremely well done.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, NTCMA for Country Music News International

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