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CD Review: CHUCK HANCOCK - It's Never Too Late

It's Never Too Late
That's Where I Was - It's Never Too Late - The Price That You Paid - I Need You Down Here - The Old Rugged Cross - You're Worth It All - I Have My Faith - If I Were In Your Shoes - The Place Where I Worship - Where You Send Me - The Change - I Let Her Down - Mama
Today is a beautiful Sunday fall day in the beautiful rural state of Iowa.  Even though I am preparing the itinerary as I head with my family to the south for winter (mostly because we can't afford a furnace in the Oak Tree performance center, which is where our small apartment is), I still have the opportunity to listen to a great CD recorded by Chuck Hancock, who makes his home in Florida.  Although this CD starts out with a bit of a honky-tonk sound, it changes rapidly as Chuck takes us through a remarkable listening experience of some new and some old Christian gospel songs.  He makes it clear to all of us that he has had the ups and downs of finding life on the side of 'good' and he also makes it clear that his soul now belongs to none other than Jesus Christ.  He also used some remarkable backing musicians.  Nathan Emerson opens the first song with a very nice old-style pedal steel guitar style that sets the mode for all the following songs.  I especially enjoyed Glen Duncan on fiddle, banjo, and mandolin.  He's an old friend from the Ozarks, as is Terry Beene, who makes his Ozarks Awards at Branson annually.  It's Mr. Hancock however who stands out strong and able throughout this very nice listening experience.  I also enjoyed hearing Leona Williams (another old friend) as she joins him on "The Old Rugged Cross."  This very obviously shows us how Mr. Hancock has had to go through his own ups and downs in the music world, and perhaps the real world as well.  Thoroughly enjoyed this second album by Mr. Hancock, off it goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International

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