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CD Review: MICHAEL T. WALL - The Singing Newfoundlander

The Singing Newfoundlander
Introduction - Hibbs - The  Singing Newfoundlander - The Heritage - Folks of Newfoundland - Island of Newfoundland - Squidd Jiggin' Ground - Shake My Hand I'm From Newfoundland - Tribute to Cornerbrook - The Man In The Moon Is A Newfie - Come Home Newfoundland - Wearing of the Map - Discovery of Newfoundland 1497 - Old to Newfoundland
Michael T. Wall was the recipient of a "Living Legend" award at the 41st National Old Time Country Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa, in 2016.  This well deserved award is made by the National Traditional Country Music Association, and awarded it to Mr. Wall for his unswerving dedication to his homeland of Newfoundland, as well as his undying devotion to doing country music in a 'country' way.  What's very interesting about this fine CD is the incorporation of an older style of music coming from that part of planet earth.  Incredibly gifted instrumentalists gather behind Michael T. as he presents his original music, written as a historical as well as an entertaining point of view, the history lessons land well on eager ears.  Well recorded and certainly well written and produced, is a 'gem' among gems in the country music world of planet earth.  Michael T. has been gaining considerable attention and fan base in the country of Australia, where he is now a regular traveler and performer.   He's definitely not ashamed of being from a 'farm' base, he lauds the country life in nearly every song he has written for this very well done 'travel' musical adventure.  He doesn't phase out the traditional sounds either.  The accordion plays a very prominent part in this entire presentation.  Obviously a very necessary instrument to the legendary music of Newfoundland, the player here (not identified) is exceptionally good.  He lends the instrument as a very well founded part of the original 'story' song Michael T is telling in song.  He not only does this with song and music he does it with advertising brochures he carries with him at all times, encouraging the reader to take notice of the wonderful opportunities existing as a visitor to this beautiful land.  The "Living Legend" award Michael T received from the NTCMA is not his first award by any means.  It's a life-long dedication this Newfoundlander has simmering in his soul, no matter where he goes, no matter what he does, no matter what he is doing.  More power to this great promoter, surely the only one of his kind from his homeland.  Where else...Newfoundland.
MUSIC REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - Pres. NTCMA for Country Music News International

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