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Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist August 10. 2016

Country Music News International Radio Show 

Playlist August 10. 2016

1 Wenche Hartman- Don't you mess with a countrygirl
2 Henrik Bank-A good thing going on 
3 Billy Currington-Lucille
4 The Hayley Oliver Band-Another lonely night
5 Chris Raggatt-Old man worry
6 Wiliam Michael Morgan-I met a girl
7 Twang-If I needed you
8 Urban Oak- Hold your horses
9 Lennart Dahlberg-These words
10 Noel brooke-Be mine tonight
11 Turf Rollers- Ya gotta quit kickin my dog around
12 Bruce Springsteen - Old dan tucker
13Alan Jackson-Where I come from
14Hannah Bethel-Frigerator
Hannah Bethel Interview by Country Music News International 
15 Hannah Bethel-If you felt like i did
16 Alxz O & Co-Countey Man
17 Ramblin Bandits-Going Places
18 Hank Wiliams-Honky tonk blues
19 J.Tex & The Volunteers-October86
20 Moses Rangel-Thinkin' you couldn't be mine
21 Craig Campbell-Outskirts of heaven
22 Eric Church-Record year
23 Brian Grilli-My Hometown
24 Helge Larsen-All the lonesome cowboys
25 Ryan Broshear-Something wrong with the radio
26 Dr.Django-Route 66
27 Tim McGraw-Nashville without you
28 Evi Tausen-Make this life a dance

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