CD Review: THE ROSS FAMILY - I Believe

I Believe
I Want To Know How It Feels - Paul's Ministry - Help Is On The Way - I'm Gonna Be Moving - There Is A God - I Believe - in God We Trust - You Must Obey - Mary's Tears - I'll Fly Away
It is such a pleasure to listen to a brand new CD by a group that has already been picked by the Rural Roots Music Commission for a CD of the Year award for a CD the Ross's did last year, and reviewed by me at that time.  They will be coming to the big 41st National Old Time Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa, Aug. 29-Sept 4 to receive their CD of the Year Award for "Higher Ground" which will garner them the award "Young Gospel CD of the Year."  This very 'close' musical family plays in the incredibly lovely traditional bluegrass style.  Their music is born from their own hearts and souls as they place voices and instruments, all incredibly well done down for posterity in the recording studio. The banjo is especially nice in the traditional style, no outrageous loud breaks, but rather a close band sound keeping the tempo and outreach right on the button.  They make their home in Piedmont, Missouri, and stay very close to the 'down-home' style of performing, which is so much better than pretentious music that might be hotter than blazes, but leaves little to the listener to gather unto themselves the sounds they like to hear.  Jeff Ross plays acoustic bass right snappy; Danita Ross is on the mandolin, played much like the early Bill Monroe style (before the bluegrass era of Earl Scruggs); Charity Ross is on vocals and fiddle, and this instrument too is performed in the older milder style; Justus Ross is on vocals, acoustic guitar, and mandolin, making all of the contributing musicians gather around his 'lead' and following nicely; Alex Clayton is the banjo player who stays with the traditional Scruggs style, and also adds vocals.  My favorite song on this excellently recorded CD is "I'm Gonna Be Moving" one of these days.  How fantastic is the thought that Jesus Christ is on the horizon, He's very close to us now, and the Ross's understand this 'wait and see' time we are living.  How magnificent it will be for us Christians who will be 'movin' one of these days' and one of those days seems to be amazingly near now.
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